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Bad Advice


I was just watching Kevin James Stand Up (Hella Funny) And he asked the question "Do you ever get weight loss advice from some one bigger than you?"

So It got me thinking. What was the dumbest advice some one (smaller or bigger depending on your goal)ever gave you in the gym?


Dr Phil


I hate people who give unsolicited advice, unless there is an emergency-type risk of injury.


Dr. Phil pisses me off.


all dr phil does is tell people what to do, he has a doctrates in psychology not physiology, i hate dr phil too, it is a bunch of BS


I was lifting relatively heavy weight for my size, and an older fellow (in comparison to me) comes up to me and tells me that I should stop using heavy weight. He tells me that everyone that uses heavy weights stops going to the gym when they are older and all their muscle turns to fat.

He may have been hitting on me too. you never know with guys who claim they are models.


Worst advice. Don't do squats. (I think everyone has heard that)
2nd worst advice. Don't do military press. The runt said it is bad for rotators. He then proceeded to do tricep kickback w/ 5lbs
Best advice I gave that was rejected. This fatass guy asks me for dietary advice. I ask him what he eats and when. He says he eats one meal a day. (can you see where this is going?)


I have the ruler of all bad advice. Back at the old gym I used to train at, Pure Fitness in Scottsdale, AZ, they used to get pissed off at me because I read t-mag and would tell people not to buy their supplements (because they were crap). They were selling pyruvate, tabletized creatine, DHEA, some blend of androgens, mainly 4-ad, for ridiculous prices. I got many lectures from the manager on this....and I eventually learned to keep my mouth shut. Then one day I was talking with one person that had bought a few suppos from there and I put on a somewhat decent face for the club until he told me they had him on DHEA. While most of us know that DHEA pretty much does nothing and the only study showing it's effectiveness was done on obese women, this man also had a health condition, high blood pressure. So lets think physiogically here for a moment.
Lets assume the trainer though DHEA worked.
So he should've been thinking:
DHEA leads to increased testosterone production. But then Increased testosterone production will increase the production of erythropoietin (however it's spelled) in the kidneys and further stimulate Red blood cell production. This will raise Red Blood cell count, increase the viscosity of the blood, and increase blood pressure.

That was a lawsuit and a half right there.


Worst advice I ever recieved was from my boss (an ex bodybuilder with a PhD in nutrition). He said, and I quote:

"Why are you putting that olive oil & flax on [your salad]; you know, fat makes you fat."

Needless to say, I was shocked. I thought this way of thinking had died out. Oh well.