Bad Acne While on Test E

Hey I’m about 3 weeks in on 500mg test E a week and starting to experience pretty bad acne , I know it comes with the territory. Is there anything I can do to atleast knock it down some ? Reducing estrogen ( estrogen was high even before starting cycle - e2=50 )or DHT ? Please help

I use scylic acid body wash and a scylic acid body spray when I get out of shower. I don’t know how much it helps I’m sure some but not enough for me so I’m looking into Accutane. My acne is also present on and off cycle. If yours is only present on cycle you might just have to deal with it if topical solutions don’t work.

This would be my suggestion. Run a very low dose for 45 - 60 days.


I’m running low dose isotretinoin. 10mg EOD. First time using it and its the first time I don’t have acne going into week 4. The last 2 Test E 200mg cycles I did I broke out right around week 3. I know it’s a sledge hammer fix but I’m not dealing with acne at 52. No sides to speak of except I need sunblock. ( Edit ) I started the iso one week before my cycle.

Yup. I know what you mean. Sometimes its like puberty all over again!

Yes and those days sucked! lol You on CJM too? Avatar looks familiar.

For those with persistent acne I would highly recommend Accutane. I started in January, finishing up now. My acne got BAD. It is now completely gone. Other topical prescriptions and OTCs didn’t work at all. Dosed from 40-80 mg per day. Now finishing off my stash at 20 mg.

Whenever I let me estrogen run wild I usually get some acne starting around week 3/4. When I control my estrogen it disappears within a week. Might be worth trying before hopping on something like accutane.

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I get bacne too on big test cycles… PanOxyl works great shower with it 2x per day & stay on top of your anastrozle dose & u should b G2G. I’ve tried the accutane too but for me PanOxyl keeps it from happening

Ive been battling bacne on this blast. DIM knocks it out pretty quick but for whatever reason I’m really sensitive to DIM and it crashes mt e2. I dropped the DIM and got a back scrubber for the shower with exfoliating acne scrub. It is helping alot. My back is almost totally clear now. Just have to stay on top of it.

How many mg of dim do you take a day ? Maybe I’ll try that estrogen was already 50+ before cycle

I was using DIM plus at the recommended 2 pills twice a day. Totally crashed on that e2 <2.5. Then recently tried 1 pill per day. Worked well for a little while but felt like I started crashing again.

Nope. Just T Mag here

I had the same experience. I stopped my AI and 3/4 weeks later I got acne which I did not have at all with the AI. 8 weeks now since I stopped the AI and have bad acne.

But do we know how high E2 causes acne? Seems like it’s mostly T and DHT in particular that causes acne, not E2