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Bactrim for Acne


Is Bactrim good for clearing up back and shoulder acne while on a cycle? I have tried tetracyclin and found it to be ineffective and i am trying to avoid taking accutane


luckily I took accutane when I was 16…not even a single pimp even on a heavy tren cycle…Something to think about.

I have never tried bactrim but you should exhaust every other option before using accutane.


What cycle are you on? Assuming it is well structured…

Try the following: Avoid wheat, dairy and simple sugars. Wash two or three times a day using Nizoral or head and sholders anti dandruff as soap, leaving it to soak in for a few minutes. Drink lots of water and avoid soft drinks, even the diet and zero versions. Use a tea tree soak skin treatment, body shop do a good range, one in particular called ‘foaming tea tree wash’. Get food tolerance testing. Get Benzyl peroxide 10% topical acne cream. Possibly Increase adex dosage if current dosage is minimal.

Try a different tetracycline, I believe minocycline is the broadest spectrum of the tetracyclines, I know little about them but it may be worth experimenting.

Experiment with a different steroid or do discontinue the cycle.

Good luck…


Doxycycline worked well for me as a teenager. Tetracycline didnt do much for me either. So the next step my dermo did was give me the doxy. Worked great. Good luck.
P.S. bactrim contains sulfa and ALOT of people are sensitive to sulfa. Be careful.