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Bacteroistatic Water//GH Protocol for Fat Loss


would it be a retarted thing to get distilled water, bring it to a boiling point just for the fck of it, then add .9%BA? Planned use is for GH. I have the BA and distilled water at the market.

am I missing aything on administration of gh? going sub Q for fat loss along with a keto diet, 4 weeks after my recent AAS cyckle of a gram of sust/week which was a very poor choice.

I looked into GHRP6 and it looks like its only gunna work against me, I wanna get to the point of a figure athlete. bfp is about 13, 4 months of 2-5IUs in combo with low T3 should get me there , will be running some Test E just for muscle support, nothing tooo high. T3 will be at 12.5mcg/day , 2-5Iu GH/day...gunna start slow. I'm on a keto diet and down some 2 lbs...which I figure half is water. Visible top abs and ribs...but that bottom motherfcker fat on the lower abs just fownt wanna leave. I have cuts everywhere else. My shoulders look freakish at times.

I'll post b4 and after pics in hopes of helping someone else out.