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Bacteriostatic vs “Injectable Water” (Saline)

Hey guys,
Need some advice on which lasts longer (and by how much).

The reason is my mrs is getting some melanotan off a friend and it comes in a kit with injectable water?
Whenever I’ve bought hCG (another peptide) it always comes with a vial of bacteriostatic water or says “must purchase Bac water separately” to mix with the powder.
I have also read that Bac water once mixed and stored in the fridge lasts at least 30 days (and multiple sources say 90+ days no worries) and the “water for injection” (or saline) lasts for 48hrs once opened, mixed and refrigerated.

This makes sense to me as I once used sterile injecting water to mix with my hCG and noticed after about a week it felt like it stopped working (was 2nd bottle so it was already working prior to starting the ‘sterile water’ mixed hCG).

Anybody else experience this?
Or have read the science behind it?
I can’t find the site I originally found this info on so it’s difficult to try explain she’s selling the wrong water to mix with peptides

Thanks for any good info

Sterile water is for single use. Bac is for multiple uses. Sterile water will technically last just as long, but it will cease to be sterile within ~48 of being mixed. At that point you’re injecting a potential infection. Always use bac water for multiple dose vials. No exceptions.

Thanks dude.

That was the explanation I was looking for.