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Bacteria Risk With Deca


I’m doing my 1st cycle using Deca. The problem is that I’ve opened the red cap to suck out 1 ml (by pure ignorance :-/ ). So now there’s air above the oil in the bottle. Will this deteriorate the product or worse: my body ? Is there a way to re-sterilize the bottle ? Thanks in advance.


this is copy and pasted from a different source, also make sure to leave a pin in the new sealed vial when cooking it, but make sure its not touching the oil or else it will bubble out.

What you’ll need:

(1) Jug of Ip product,

(5) 10 ml sterile sealed vials,

(5) Whatman .45u filters,

(1) 10 ml syringe,

(5) 23 ga 1 inch pins,

(10) 18 ga 1.5 inch pins,

(1) Oven safe cookie sheet or glass tray.

From beginning to end the process is as follows:

  1. Open 18 ga needles and attach to syringe.

  2. Open another 18 ga needle and attach whatman filter to it.

  3. Insert needle with filter into sterile container.

  4. Insert 23 ga pin into sterile vial.

  5. Shake up jug of Ip product.

  6. Draw 10 ml into syringe then disconnect pin from syringe.

  7. Connect syringe to whatman filter and pin.

  8. Push the product through filter slowly, careful to apply only minimal pressure.

  9. Once filled remove syringe and filter and discard.

  10. Repeat steps 1-9 until all sterile containers are filled.

  11. Place vented vials on the cookie sheet and into oven (preheated to 250), bake for 20 minutes.

  12. Remove and let cool.

  13. Once cool, remove venting syringes and discard.

  14. Store in a safe, dark place at room temperature or below, but not refrigerator.

******Please wear rubber gloves during this entire process, it will aid in the sterility of the mixture. ******