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Lately I’ve been snacking on roughly 4 slices of bacon (full toaster oven load :D) every night as sort of my “bedtime snack” Should I be concerned about my bacon intake?

If you don’t have any problems with high cholesterol or an increasing waisteline, go ahead and eat if you like it :wink:

I think you would be better of with a proper P + F shake / meal instead though.

(Not much protein in a few strips of bacon.)

There are certainly many variables to consider here.

A few of them being:

What is your objective/goal? Fat loss? Lean muscle tissue gains?

What is your total fat intake?

What types of fat do you consume? Are they Omega 3/6 based?

As stated, there isn’t much protein to be had in 4 strips of bacon and the fat is mainly sat… If your eating enough healthy fats the remainder of the day you should be ok.

I’d go with more protein and less but healthier fats. Have slow digesting protein and healthy fats such as flax.

If you really can’t give up bacon before bedtime, try chicken or turkey bacon, which is mostly protein.