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Bacon Love


This was printed in today's (Wednesday, 06/17/09) San Diego Union-Tribune.

I'm all for bacon, and think I will give turkey bacon a try, but I am not sure about a Bacontini




OMG i get that paper, what section?


There’s two places I know that serve those in SD; the whisknladle in downtown La Jolla or Hash House A Go Go with their BLT mary. The BLT mary is served with bacon and a lettuce leaf in a bloody mary with toast and a packet mayo. Yes mayo. Couldn’t find a pic but if OG you ever happen come across it, let us know!


Lots of fail.


Gotta support my San Diego peeps:


okay well since researching Bacon for a gag gift for my brother I have found some just horrific bacon items.
Bacon Flavored Dental Floss


the Bacon Wallet (all found on amazon.com)


Bacon flavored jelly beans in a bacon shaped box


Bacon versus Tofu action figures


and very gross strawberry flavored gummy bacon


Bacon flavored toothpicks


Bacon air freshener


bacon flavored mints


bacon flavored gumballs


St. Anthony the Patron Saint of Bacon


and beyond the great spread of baconnaise, or the awesome bacon salt there is the question


thankfully there is now a board game to help you with life’s decisions


Damn this is making me hungry.


Let’s not forget the Bacon of the Month Club


[quote]rondastarr wrote:
Let’s not forget the Bacon of the Month Club