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Bacon Cooking Problems


By problems i mean that my mother is putting a Bacon-Embargo on the household. She claims that it is bad for a number of reasons... These are her reasons

-It is a pain in the ass to cook, and smells bad (i like the smell...)

-It sprays everywhere and makes cleaning the kitchen a mess.

-It makes cleaning the Pan a huge ordeal.

-The left over grease is "toxic waste" and she also says that the same grease that solidifys outside the body solidifys INSIDE the body and causes heart attacks and whatnot.

I'm probably missing one of her points, but what i'm wondering is 1) what is the validity of her claims, and 2) are there any ways to make cooking bacon any easier or should i just give up on it? I'm getting really tired of Chicken... And my mom doesn't cook Steak (im not in the house enough to cook...)



Also she says that if you try to store the Bacon in a plastic bag the bag will "estrogenize" or something. This sounds kinda ridiculous, have you guys heard anything about this?



Take four pieces of paper towel and put them on a plate, lay the bacon in a single layer on top, then put two or three more pieces of paper towel on top of that and cook in the microwave for several minutes (I think about 4 minutes does it). It tastes slightly better cooked in a pan, but this way you eliminate making a mess.


Looks like it's time for you to start cooking. It's a necessary skill, and if you get good at it you can realy woo the chicks when you cook a home made meal for them.
btw- How can you live without steak?


If you fry it in a deep skillet or cast iron pan on medium heat, you shouldn't have too many problems with grease splatter. You can go to a wholesale restaurant equipment supplier or a place like Bed Bath and Beyond and purchase a splatter shield too. It's a large metal 1/4" tube bent into a circle about the same circumference as a typical large skillet with a handle and stub-like arms around the perimeter (to hold it up on the rim of a frying pan) and a fine wire mesh in the center to keep the grease from splattering without completely cutting off air circulation like a lid would. These things are really cheap and are really useful if you cook things that tend to splatter. Here's a link to one:



Your mother is obviously a crazy person and should be put down.

BBQ everything. It takes less time and makes everything taste better, and there is no clean up.

No bacon and no steak making Massif something something.....


You can wash the pan yourself.

You can wipe up around the stove yourself.

There's like 90% of the problem gone.


"(im not in the house enough to cook...) "

It takes like 5 minutes to cook bacon.

Bleh. Didnt realize messages took that long to come up.


Bacon in a pan sucks. Lay it down on a rack and bake it at 350 for about 10 minutes (do not preheat oven for best results). Toaster ovens work fine, and are the perfect size too!


Did you know that some companies now make pre-cooked bacon? It is nearly 3 times as expensive, but it only takes 15 seconds per slice to heat in the microwave.

The pre-cooked stuff is generally not as greasy, either, and some even has less salt than regular bacon.

Canned tuna is a better source of protein, and is just as easy. Chicken does suck after awhile.

Also, at my local Wal-Mart are vacuum-packed packages of pre-cooked ground beef. No, it is not lean, but it is not any worse than bacon. This should also be easy to prepare if you don't have time to cook.



what is she talkin about, i drink that shit


That is f***ing hilarious!


Tastes just as good to me. My microwave also has a bacon setting. Nothing better than BLT's this time of year....yummy!!


i was actually tought the microwave method and have never used anything else. 1 minute per slice of bacon will get you nice and crispy, but juicy... adjust times accordingly.

Wrap it up and stick it in, then get your shoes on and brush your teet...ready to head out the door.


If you guys really wanna put bacon grease to use, save it and mix it in with your ground beef next time you make burgers, about 3 tablespoons/pound of meat. You'll get an awesome smoky flavor and the crust that develops on the outside of the burgers is unreal.



Mmmmm pork. I actually don't like bacon that much but let's hear it for prosciutto! On some quality foccacia with some olive oil, balsamic vinegar, melted fresh mozzarella cheese - melted, fresh tomatoes (if you've ever eaten a non grocery store bought tomato you know they're sweet!), fresh basil... Mmmmm.


I agree with her. Putting any food stuff near plastic is a bad idea as heat will active phyto-estrogens in the plastic. That's why ceramic containers are always recommended for food storage.

The left over oil/fat IS toxic due to the heat applied when cooking and it DOES end up in your arteries.

I love bacon too. But it's not health food. You would be better off physique wise not eating it.


hmmm...bacon...my favourite vegetable