A little embarrassing, but here goes… In the last few months I’ve been getting some zits on my back and lately it seems to be getting worse. The big ones that are really red and hurt. Just a few at a time, but just when one clears up, another comes along. I’ve been working out and eating healthy since the beginning of this year. Any idea why this would be happening? Anything to do with eating lots of protein? Sweating during workouts?

The dermatologist mentioned a benzoyl peroxide wash for the shower. Has anyone used this or anything else with success?

I thought these days were over - I’m in my 30’s and was keeping an eye on the mirror for signs of wrinkles!

I’ve recently had the same problem, which I’ve never experienced before, I think its related to how much I’ve been sweating during my workouts, and how gross and sweaty my t-shirts get while i’m doing cardio for extended periods…

I’m thinking about picking up some under-armour shirts, and a body wash with a little salicylic acid in it…

I used to have bad acne on my face and back. Until I started using products w/ benzoyl peroxide in them. On my face I use prescription Benzaclin and on my back I use Triaz Cleanser. I use a back scrubber to put the Triaz on my back. But before I got a prescription for my back I used a product at walmart that had benzoyl peroxide in it, called Oxy 10. Oxy 10 worked as well.

But Be careful benzoyl peroxide will bleach everything, clothes, towels, hair, eyebrows, etc. Also make sure the soap your using is plain, like ivory or it will clog pores. Also after a workout jump in the shower to wash all the sweat off your back.

Hope this helps,iIf you have any questions let me know I’d be more than happy to answer any.


I’m going to make a guess that adding in healthy eating and demanding exercise has some of us producing hormones and things that we haven’t seen since our youth.

Especially those of us that were sedentary and following poor dietary guidelines.

Anyway, whether the body will adapt and stop producing “bacne” is a question I can’t answer.

On a related note, I never had any real acne in my life, but I do notice that covered sweaty skin does tend to develop issues from time to time.

Interesting, a lot of my “reactions” tend to be on the boundary between lean and non-lean areas… so I like to think it means I’m leaning out (whether or not it is true is another story).

[quote]vroom wrote:
I’m going to make a guess that adding in healthy eating and demanding exercise has some of us producing hormones and things that we haven’t seen since our youth.

DING DING…we have a winner.

Keeping it dry helps too, and wash the area with alcohol 2x a day.

When I do not drink enough water my skin looks dull and I will break out. I know you probably are already drinking a ton, you might want to try a de-tox or just drink more.

Scrubbing more isn’t necessarily the right answer for everyone. It is very individual which treatment will work best for you. Sounds like you are on the right path talking with your doc about it.

I was told that sitting in the steam room helps. I do it and i notice after about a week of my skin being “messy” it clears up and stays clear as long as I steam close to daily…

It’s definitely not just gonna go away, especially if you continue training. My back never broke out until I started liftin. Then it got bad.

I would advise using accutane as I don’t think it’s as harsh as some say. I’m 4 months into treatment and it’s the only thing that’s ever worked for me. Completely cleared up my skin. Everything else only seemed to work temporarily and the acne eventually came back.

The only sides I’ve experienced are chapped lips.

However, this might not be an option for you if you plan to have a seed as it causes serious birth defects.

You certainly don’t want scars on your back so don’t wait 'till it’s too late to get something done about it.

Well, with regards to the Benzoyl Peroxide your doctor prescribed, I’m actually using this stuff called Panoxyl (I think). It’s a BP cream product and it works well - when I remember to use it. I’m not really having massive problems and it’s only on my face, but it helps to keep it clear. Hopefully it’ll work for you, too.

One comment about Accutane: research it first, obviously. A guy I knew was on it before and he started getting mood swings and was cranky a lot. Others have had great success, so it may work for you, but I’m sure you wouldn’t want any mood swings taking away from your T-Vixen appeal! :wink:

Best of luck!

one possible overlooked item might be the clothes you wear when you workout in a gym. I used to wear tank-tops, but everyone else sweats on the equipment also, so now I wear only t-shirts or ones without the sleeves, but my back is covered at all times.

just scrub your back really hard with some soap on a wash cloth. it worked very very well for me.

Also, I don’t know if this applies to you, but bags with straps(backpacks, rucksacks) that rub on your shoulders are also a big contributor to this problem.

My back started breaking out 1-2 years ago. I never had this problem, and suddenly I’m 34 and my back is all zitty. I’ve worked out off and on for years, cycled, ran, and never had this happen. I’ve been on various types of diets from the most strict to the most over indulgent, to strict vegetarianism over the years, and none of them effected my back.

Yet now all of a sudden I’ve got the bacne. So I can’t say that I think it’s diet or exercise, I don’t know what’s changed.

Seems like a lot of people break out for the first time on their backs after weight training. Anyone know why?

I think it has a lot to do with hormones. I don’t know if you are taking a birth control pill but sometimes your hormone levels will change for whatever reason and a pill that has worked well for you for years can suddenly not mesh with your new hormone levels. Your doctor would be able to tell with some simple blood work if it would be a good idea to change your BCP (if you are taking one). This happened to me a few years ago. Acne was one of a few symptoms that cleared up once I switched pills.

Three things

  1. - follow the regimine there

  2. Vitamin B5 - Follow dosing and instructions from

  3. Guggulsterones - Do a search here and look for my post on guggulsterones

  4. Are you on anything, and I mean ANYTHING from here - even something like ZMA can cause breakouts.

Oh, I hate bacne.

Tea Tree Oil (from the health food store) helps prevent scars from forming (NOT to be used on piercings! Just FYI in case anyone else needed that info) and it’s an anti bacterial, anti infection agent. Natural, too!

I am badly allergic to benzoyl peroxide (learned that the hard way!) so I can’t recommend trying it w/o telling you to watch for burning and stinging and severe redness of the face. Ow.

Also, we use castile soap w/ lavender oil or tea tree oil already in it. (Also purchased at the hfs.) My bacne isn’t as bad since starting that. Very occasionally I’ll get a zit or 2, but they’re small and not painful!