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Ending my third week of my EQ/dbol/test stack. Slight water retention and very moderate strength gains... nothing too much yet. Anyway the one thing that really did kick in was some back acne. Now i know this has been talked about before, but most of the recommendations were for prescriptions. with my job it is almost impossible for me to get time off to go see a doctor, so the only things i could buy would be what i could get over the counter.
Anyway, my question is what else (besides prescribed medicines) do you guys buy to take care of this. I have been using 'seebreeze' 2 to 3 times a day, it seems to help a little bit. Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


go tanning


Tanning will just worsen the problem. - the UV light will dry the skin, stimulating an increase in sebum production which will just cause more acne.

Best advice from my experience use a tea-tree toner, and to regularly apply a salicinic acid gel, + a benzl peroxide cream. This will help get the infections in the skin under control and prevent new ones from cropping up.


Also shower alot and keep oxy pads on you throughout the day and give a few maintenance swipes


any specific brands you recommend?


rif raf, people think UV makes acne worse.. but getting some sun on my skin always clears me up for some reason.. go figure...


Tanning will make acne worse if you go for prolonged periods. Initially, you may see a difference but then the skin dries up like P22 said and it just gets worse


Just wanted to coment on the tanning thing. I'm sure it's different for everyone, but for me tanning VERY lightly seems to help A LOT! I go 5 minutes twice a week, which doesn't even really bring out much color. Makes my skin feel soo much better though. If I over do it, then the skin gets pissed and the oil starts flowing.


I tan 15 min about 3 times a week. When I don't tan, I get acne on my chest and back pretty bad. When I am tanning, I look dead sexy. Maybe my real-world results are different than the norm, but that's what works for me.


I just go 2 times for 15minutes a week and my facial acne and back acne have since virtually disappeared.

I agree that if you overdo it you will run into problems, but a little tanning will always help. Just use reason in deciding how many minutes to go for.


it's not the brand, its the ingredients that I listed that are important. Just go to your local grocery store, or drug store and look at the products being sold. Don't but the pre soaked pads - they are a waste and a rip off. You just need a facial scrub that has either salicinic acid or benzyl peroxide in it and a topical cream with said ingredients - I like to use both as a double wammy.


In another week your strength is going to go through the roof and you'll forget all about the backne.


haha i cant wait for the warhorse.
thanks everyone for your advice


Isn't it "salicylic" acid?


yep, caught me with an spelling error



I've had good results using tea tree foam wash on my back and shoulders, I have used the benzyl peroxide with success to, although its left white bleach like marks in some of my t-shirts ;-(
I wasn't aware that long term tanning worsened acne , which is why I thought I'd 'bum'' this thread.


The drying effect can trigger an increase in sebum production from the sebacious glands in the skin...If you are having a lot of acne increased sebum production is what you don't need as it will lead to more acne.

I would recomend those who have trouble with acne try to use steroid preparations that have a long acting half life... It is the yo-yo in hormone levels that can exasperate the skin condition.

using the skin preparations regularly as mentioned above, as well as moisturizing with lotion to prevent dry skin and even regular steam room or sauna to help clear the pores.


It would probably help greatly to bring estradiol levels back down to normal or, better, low-normal.

This will not immediately clear infection but will largely work towards renormalizing the skin, assuming you've caused estradiol to go abnormally high with this cycle, which would be the case if you haven't been using an AI.


Im glad everyone is viewing this as an internal hormonal problem, ive seen too many posts of treating this externally, this will only mask the issue.

I had my worst case of acne on a TBOL and Tren Enan cycle. Treated it externally just made it worse. Getting to the root of the problem like Prisoner and Bill talk about is key...