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Backs That Make The Side Walk Crack

That is creative!

Back pics are harder to get than I thought…


I can tell it is part of your back though.

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The sexy beast reveals thy self

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Luckily I have a good angle and a very good light :sweat_smile:


Lotta great progress in here. Yeah, I guess I never really thought about how difficult it is to take a selfie of your own back. I always grabbed someone else in the locker room -lol


Headed to the gym now for back day! Might get some pumped photos later to feed my ego :joy:

Nobody tell my gf I posted pictures of our messy room or that I haven’t made the bed yet.


Lookin lean in the back. Lots of detail. Looks like you have built width and have a v taper going!

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Thanks man! I had a dexa a couple weeks ago and it had me at 14% at 206lbs, I carry it all in my torso, so doesn’t look like most people’s 14% but it’s the leanest I’ve ever been lol

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I think the initial post picture I posted I was about 206 lbs. I am closer to 200-202 ATM. Probably not much of a difference.

I feel you though on carrying it in the torso. My arms and legs have veins everywhere. Barely have abs though. If I flex them they are okay I guess.

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you have a very strange definition of DYEL :rofl:

making the bed is overrrated…


Still very much DYEL, but getting there.

Yes! She’s a freak about making the bed, drive me crazy. I even sleep better when the bed is a mess lol and we have all these decorative pillows that have to be thrown off the bed every night. Drives me crazy. Not a fan of that domesticated life.


You got that height mod though don’t you? Makes your 206 waaay better than my 206 lol

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In theory, it’s supposed to instill routine and discipline, but as someone with aspergers and has been getting up before 7 since 3rd grade, I don’t think it’s useful

My MIL has these, and she insists we make the bed when we visit every day. I tried throwing them in the closet. She was like where are my pillows. I was thinking in my head, can’t we just close the bedroom door. Also she lives in Florida, and the room is bright as fuck at like 6 am every morning. She makes me take down and put up the blankets I hang over the windows every day. So much unnecessary work for no gain. One more thing for my rant. She keeps her house hot AF at night. I don’t like just sleeping with a sheet (with two fans on me), but it’s what I do I guess.

I draw a hard line when it comes to pillows. Only functional ones allowed in my house.

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Yea dude that’s dumb. I can’t say much though my GF is into that lol.

Ain’t no way I can do a hot house. Mine stays on 67 at night and 68-69 during the day. Power bill be damned, I’m gonna be comfortable in my own home.

I HATE sheets- They don’t have the nice elastic ones in China!!! I toss around at night and they get all jumbled under me… and I have to spend time straightening them out every morning


At my house, we have a fan setting on the thermostat. We also have an underground basement. I believe the fan is setup to pump the downstairs air up, and the upstairs out of the house. It works really well to cool the house. Yesterday it was 88 F outside, we didn’t use the AC, and only turned the fan on at like 3pm. It got to 68 F in the house without AC. Much less money than running the AC.

Get yourself what I call shiny sheets. If they look metallic, that is a good sign. They stay much more flat, and are cooler. I was hesitant to try them, but now they are all I use.


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I don’t know man. Doing a frame carry almost seems like cheating for a back shot. Gonna make them traps look huge. Just kidding. Looking good!

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