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Backpacks vs Messenger Bags


Fuck if I know where to put this post.

School is starting up for me in a couple weeks after this summer term finishes.

Anyway, I usually take a notebook, a water bottle, my wallet, a pen, a book (for personal reading) and a journal. To carry all that crap, I take a messenger bag and wear it across my body.

I haven't experienced any problems with my shoulders bothering me, but I'm trying to correct some postural problems (pretty bad kyphosis and lordosis) and was wondering if using a backpack would be better.

Any suggestions that can give a good physiological reason as to why one would be better than another?


I'd think a backpack is better because it has even weight distribution over both of you shoulders as long as you wear it on both of your shoulders. But ask a chiropractor to be certain


Sounds good to me. I have an appointment with my chiro next week.

I remember reading something by Cressey a while back about backpacks and shoulder bags, but I can't remember where and what he said.


The only people I see with messenger bags are emos.

You aren't THAT GUY are you?



Really, really try to avoid messenger bags so you don't catch the ghey/lame/dumbass/douche/turd/emo.


Messenger bag is one feminine step away from wearing a purse.


Guys that jumped out of airplanes in WWII, back before all the kinks were worked out of the process, wore messenger bags/shoulder bags.

Yeah, I have a messenger bag (authentic WWII surplus picked up at a surplus store). When I was in college I wore a back pack AND the shoulder bag AND walked 5 miles home from campus with that stuff.


messenger bags are cooler.

fuck you guys, im not an emo.


youve cought the GHEY


I use both, I have to many books to stuff into a backpack.


Sounds like a you're not carrying that much. It won't really matter - just switch the shoulder you use.

Messenger bags are great when actually riding a bike (duh). And if you're a little bit dressed up, both backpacks and briefcases can look dorky.


Do you guys drive trucks?

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Shit I drive a car, I must have gotten ghey without realizing it.


With that small of a load I think you would be fine. Messenger bags are not gay, people are gay.


Messenger bags are only cooler if...

wait, I'm wrong.

They are never cooler.

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Messenger bags are so cool that they were designed to hold laptops before laptops existed.


its whatever dudew cause i keep mad shit in my bag anyway. like if im headin somewhere for a while i got condoms, an extra shirt, maybe a wifebeater, gum, misc. papers, phone charger whatever else i may need.

this is honestly the first place i ever heard anyone say anything negative about a messenger bag..or even bring them up in general.


There's a lot of people here that need to constantly prove that they would never, ever ever, even by accident, when drunk, stick it in a dude.


I drive sedans.


I use one instead of a purse.

Just get a backpack.