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Backpacking Nutrition Tips?!


Yo T-Nation, I am going on a 10 day packbacking trip in about a week through the Colorado mountains. Although I know weightloss is inevitable, I need supp. and nutrition tips to help me maintain muscle mass! Already got plenty of Grow! bars packed and ready. Ideas suggestions??


Along side the Grow! Bars & Grow! itself I would suggest LOTS of nuts, seeds and Jerkies (beef, deer, turkey, salmon, MEAT!!!). All of which are light and packed with fats and protein easy to eat onthe trail as well. Other things would be granola or simply oats that you can munh on for a quick complex carb source. Oh and dreid fruits are awesome.

Think Light and dense.

Have fun,


Read this again - it's got just about everything you need. Only thing I would add is a Greens supplement like Greens+. Since you can't get fresh veggies, this is your next best thing. Add it to all of your protein shakes. Tuna is also good as it comes in special packets now. Stay away from all that grain based mixes. It won't be terrible as you'll be walking a lot, but there are better things out there. I know on my previous trips there was some hard bread stuff - don't eat it!


Exactly what Phill said...

I'd add...

Take some natural PB, flax seed (meal), and Grow! and throw it into a bowl w/ a little water. Stir it thick and then throw in your granola. You should be able to make some decent food bars this way.


I just saw a great episode on FoodTV for making your own Beef jerky

No special equipment required except for a Box fan, bungee cords, and house filters.



If backpacking is a hobby of yours, I STRONGLY suggest buyind a food dehydrator. It keeps everything in the food except, you guessed it.

When you do eat this way, remember to pack lots and lots of water (if there's no clean water source), cause you will no longer be getting any from your food.