Backpacking Food?

I’m going on a backpacking trip soon and needed some food ideas. I’ve been many times before, but that was before I was concerned about getting enough calories and plenty of protein.

I prefer lightweight backpacking so hauling steaks and the like is not really an option. I guess I could always use my wife as a sherpa…nah, she probably wouldn’t go for that.

Any bodybuilding hikers out there that could help me out? Thanks in advance.


Ive done a couple of hikes that lasted for a few days or so. My bread and butter has always been beef jerky and assorted nuts (almonds, walnuts, pecans) along with power bars of some sort, and of course water with powdered gatorade. I havent gone since I started using Biotest products (mostly because vacation time has been an issue), but if I were to go again Id order up some FINiBARs, Metabolic Drive Bars, and probably some Surge Workout Fuel to mix with the water I bring. So Id go with beef jerky, nuts, FINiBARs, Metabolic Drive Bars, water, and Surge Workout Fuel. None of this stuff goes bad, none of its particularly heavy, and should keep your nutrition in check. You could always throw in a multi-vitamin if youre worried about that stuff too.

Jerky. Dried fruit and nuts. MRPs. Tuna.

When I go on hikes they normally aren’t that vigorous because I go with my GF, but I Always bring Jerky like the boy’s above said. I like to bring natty PB sandwhiches, and I bring a couple shaker bottles with powdered gatorade and vanilla protein powder so all I need is some water and I’m golden.

When you say “backpacking” do you mean a backpacking trip to thailand etc? or a camping trip to the local beauty spot?

if its local = a big bag of assorted nuts is really good, fruit, tinned meals ie chicken stew, precooked rice, rice pudding.

abroad = eat as you go along, try not to carry too much in one go.

It’ll just be a weekend trip on a semi-local trail. 20 miles round trip so nothing crazy. Good suggestions so far, thanks for the ideas.


Options for this are fairly limited, when I hike/camp I always bring jerky, mixed nuts, and dried fruit. Its all fairly light weight stuff that will fill you. You can bring a jar of natty PB and some oats, oatmeal+PB for breakfast. Snack on the PB whenever.

Some thru hikers I know carry around a tub of lard, but thats pretty nasty and not healthy unless you are hiking the entire AT or something like that. Also, tuna in the pouch is great and light, you can bring hard cheese, something like sharp cheddar will last for a bit.

Good luck and enjoy your trip

Cereal bars?

“puppy shit” (what it was named by a friend, because of what it looks like)

1/4 jar (one of the small jars) Peanut Butter
1-2 tsp honey
1 scoop protein powder

Put in tupperware container, mix up until smooth consistency, bam, you got a poor man’s good tasting, long lasting, finger food protein goo stuff. Tastes good too!