Backpack Weight Plate

Backpack Weight Plate

Toss one of these specially shaped cast iron plates into your backpack (they’re made to fit most laptop compartments) and go rucking for a serious calorie burn. You can get them from 10 to 45 pounds.

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Nice find.
Ordered one for when I take the doggo on walks.

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I’m tempted to Milo of Croton my kid and just keep sneaking more and more of these into their backpack before they go to school…

But nailed it @cyclonengineer Weighted walks with the doggo are the perfect opportunity to use stuff like this.


Bingo. My wife just got the 20-pounder in. She wants to try it on dog walks. We have a few backpacks to try out with it. Hopefully one of them is sturdy enough. We’re thinking a chest strap that clips in the front would be best.

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I have a military surplus tough nylon backpack with chest clip I am going to try it in.