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Backloading with JM Type Training Log

A little bit of background
age 20 years old
height 5’11"
weight 250lbs
training experience 5 years total, powerlifting the last 3

I am trying to diet down to 210 by november

I will be using carb backloading to accomplish this goal. One week ago I was 264lbs. This morning I weighed in at 250.8 this morning I will weigh in every morning. As soon as I find my tape measure I will be measuring once a week. My workouts will be around 4 everyday. I will have a protein shake with gatorade powder afterward.

For training I will be following the priniciples layed out in John Meadow’s articles. I hurt my back doing high rep deadlifts after squats and will lay off the legs and back for at least a week or two till it feels good.

Lifting Today
Side Lateral machine 3 warmup sets 3 work sets at 60lbs for 15 these werent great need to go to the top for more flex
Incline Machine 80/10,80/10,90/12 I really liked these no lookout so constant tension
Incline Bench 3 sec negatives constant tension 95/10,10,10,8 awesome pump
Seated Bradford Press 65 for 2 sets 55 for 1 set
Incline situps 1 set of 10

Nutrition for today
woke up about 10
10am 12g fish oil 12g fat
11am 1 cup peanuts 1 cup low fat cottage cheese 30g fat 38g protein
1pm 2 scoops protein shake 40g protein
2pm workout
3pm 2 scoops protein 1 20oz bottle of powerade 40g protein 40g carbs
330pm footlong subway chicken sub on wheat w/ranch and chipotle 1 cup sweet tea 30g fat 150g carbs 46g protein
7-8pm powerade bottle 40g carbs
10pm cup of sweet tea 8 slices of white bread 6oz turkey apple butter on 4 slices of bread
50g protein 170g carbs 24g fat
Totals est 230g protein 410g carbs 100g fat
3460 calories

Woke up at 250.8 today
Training Legs
Couldn’t squat as my groin is very tight. I don’t think its really hurt bad just need to take it easy and stretch more
Seated Hamstring Curls
worked up to 3 sets of 10 at 70 I really like these good pump
45 degree leg press worked up a plate at a time to 4pps/10 just didn’t feel right in the groin
seated leg press some sets of 10 nothing to write home about
Cardio on the bike 5 min warmup 1 min intense 2 min easy 2 rounds

Diet so far for today
woke at 9 am
9am 12 fish oil pills 14.4g fat
12pm 2 cups of shelled peanuts 4 cups lowfat cottage cheese 30g fat 58g protein
3pm train
4pm ice cream will look up later
2 scoops whey protein+10g creatine+110g carb powder 40g protein 110g carbs
Had 2 more cups of ice cream and 4 bagels for the backload