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Backloading Test C with Anavar

Hi Everyone,

I’m about to start my first cycle. It is going to be 600mg Test Cyp/week for 12 weeks (~260mg E3D).

I also (unfortunately, lol) have this bottle of 100 10mg Anavar tabs. I know that bottle alone isn’t enough to do crap, but I’m not getting more (don’t want to right now anyway).

Would it makes sense to backload the last few weeks of my cycle with Anavar? My current thought process is 40mg/day the last few 4 days of week 12, and bump up to 60mg/day for weeks 13-14, riding straight into my PCT.

Is this going to help me hold onto any gains going into PCT, or should I just use it during the middle of my cycle and that’s that? Or maybe I can get more out of changing the dosing?

Thanks for any input.

Wow, thanks for that! So I guess the last question is, since its Anavar, should I only do weeks 13&14 but bumped up to 70mg/day, or do I run 35mg/day for weeks 11-14?

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Better to run it longer, even if the dose has to be a little lower. More time usually equals more actual muscle built.