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Backing Off Big Lifts? 4 Weeks to Bigger Arms

Hey T Nation.

T-Nation has released two 4-week training routines entitled “4 Weeks to Bigger Arms” and “4 Weeks to Bigger Legs”. I skimmed through the leg routine, and they mentioned that the other routine was quite simple: basically do barbell curls, skullcrushers and BACK OFF squats, deadlifts, etc.

People always talk about doing squats, deadlifts, bench press, etc. to optimize hormonal secretion of testosterone, which is why I wonder why someone would advise to back off them.

I even read an article that suggested people to do legs before doing arm work, which resulted in bigger arms compared to those who merely did arms and not legs.

What do you think of this concept of doing less tiresome, CNS-draining, big lifts?

I don’t know, but that’d be a fun 4 weeks.

It seems as if not many people know a lot about this concept… hmm, interesting.

Not a bad idea…

A get in and get out specialization routine seems like a great idea.

For me, I’m using December to go for the gun show, lol. That article kind of sparked it. I need to cut in Jan and I’ll be able to drop down my kcals since arms are small muscle groups. It will allow me to step down my intake slowly.

So in other words, its only a month, why not give it a go and learn something about your body?