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Backhanded Push-Ups!?

I have seen records set of people doing these after watching videos on youtube. I originally got onto looking at these because I have been having wrist problems from doing alot of stuff on my hands, like handstands, and turtles, which if not done properly twist the wrist. I started doing antagonist excercises like reverse wrist curls and one-armed fist pronehold.

I was wondering because of the awkward position, would it strengthen the wrist by doing backhanded pushups/holds, or would it just damage it even more? Obviously technique like tensing the wrist whilst under the strain of the body would need to be applied to prevent static injury, and slow eccentrics etc the basics like that.
I just thought it could be an antagonist for the wrists when it comes to handstands and pushups etc.
I am trying ANYthing to try and fix my wrist, I will try these out for a bit whilst I wait for feedback.


Bump. Should this be changed to a different forum?

People are looking at it, but I guess no one knows the answer to your question. Frankly I’ve never heard of this. I bet it would work well as a progression. I would start with knuckle push-ups, then backhand push-ups on the knees, then regular backhand push-ups. It certainly has the potential to cause injury, so be careful…I would tend to think there are safer ways to accomplish your goal.

They sound like an injury waiting to happen IMO.


when I played basketball in High School my wrist would really hurt at times but we still would have to do push ups each day…

I would do mine with my fist and that helped me with my wrist pain…

Also try wrist wraps, but if the pain is intense you should see a Doc…

When I studying TKD we would do palm pushups, knuckle pushups and backhanded pushups. I believe the theory was to strengthen the wrist from all sides so to speak. I can’t actually answer your question in terms of will it help you, but I can say they are doable. I never saw anyone get injured by them, if you want to try them just to do it, I’d probably wait until you figure out your wrist issue.

When studying ninjitsu we did a number of wrist stretching exercises from just about every imaginable angle. I still do these today as they help fight against the strains of typing and so forth. I don’t have a valid way to describe them to you over the internet though, maybe ask in the combat forum, there may be people there who have links to various wrist stretching exercises.

Ultimately there is nothing to fear from backhanded pushups, but I don’t think there is too too much to gain either.

Thanks, I’ll ask in the combat forum. I do know what the problem is, I have lax socket muscle fibres joining my ulna to my carpels so I literally have a larger ROM on my ulna side of my wrist, rotationally. Normally people dont have much of a rotary ROM in their wrist. This leads to more sprains and slower recovery, so I am trying to figure out a way in which to tighten the fibres and tendons around that area so that if I keep my wrist tensed I know that I wont sprain or fracture it.