Background and Preparing 2nd Cycle

Hello, new here, but I’ve lurked and gleaned a lot of good information and the community seems pretty solid.

Anyways, quick backround
Current stats: 28 5’10" 216lbs bf %19-18
Been training about one year now hard, May of 2016 I was around 260lbs and felt like garbage, I decided to make a lifestyle change. I had some prior knowledge and experience when I was younger and working out, but it never stuck and I let life get in the way, but I pulled through and am making progress now!

I do workout with a friend of mine that is a trainer, and no, AAS was my idea not his. Diet is my main point I’m sorting out right now, but its adequate for growth as I’ve been putting on size and strength, with little fat gain.

As the title says this is my 2nd cycle I’m planning, I did do one and I got results that I personally wasn’t disappointed with.
7 weeks
Test P 80mg EOD
Tren A 60mg EOD
Mast P 40mg EOD
AI was a herbal product with 1,4,6 Androstatriene-3,17-dione that I took 50mg per day of

Figured I’d get good at pinning as well for first time, I rotated glutes and quads, never had a problem. I know that alot of people would say that’s a waste of time cycle but I dropped 1.2%bf while also gaining 2lbs of weight, and kept all of my added strength and size afterwards.

No sides, felt great on it, coming off I did a two SERM PCT of Clomid and Nolva three days after last pin, 50/50/25/25 and 40/30/20/20 respectively (though the Nolva was a research chem and the Clomid definitely UGL as it was in caps) along with the herbal AI. That ended the first week in Jan of this year, and I’m feeling fine, making progress and am getting ready for my next.

I want to do something a little stronger this time and a little longer. So far I’ve acquired:
Test E/Tren E/Mast E blend 200mg/100mg/200mg per ml
DBOL 10mg tabs/100 count
Winstrol 50mg tabs/30 count
Anastrozole 1mg tabs/50 count
Plan to get a single vial of Tren E

Was thinking 12 weeks, EOD injections to keep blood levels more stable with dosing that would put the test/tren/mast at 300mg of each per week. The Dbol would be the first 4 weeks at 20mg a day, and the winny 50mg a day the last 4 weeks. Adex I will start .5mg EOD and adjust accordingly.

I’ll be getting pharma grade Nolva this time, been reading on here and PCT seems to be a hot debate on here,seen different strategies than what’s pushed on other boards and I must say it’s nice to see data and ideas, rather than broscience.

Thanks for the advice and/or critique!

Your first cycle was what I would expect to see from guys on their fourth or fifth cycle. I don’t know if it’s crazy or brilliant to use tren on your first run, but I’m genuinely happy that it went well for you. That’s not a common occurrence. And usually I (and a few others) would give you a hard time for both running tren on a first cycle and for running tren without having several years of training under your belt. But you did it already and you survived, so I will not say anything more about it.

I would say skip the dbol this time. At 18% bf the e2 will be a little harder to control if you’re taking multiple aromatizing compounds. If I’m reading your layout right you’ll be doing roughly 600/300/600 test/tren/mast per week, right? That’s a pretty serious cycle and you should get some unreal gains if your training and diet are proper.

Is this a recomp cycle?

No sir, 300mg per week for test, 300mg per week tren, and 300mg mast.

The mix vials that I got are 200mg/ml Test E, 200mg/ml Mast E, and 100mg/ml Tren E. For a total of 500mg/ml in a 10ml vial.

I was planning to pin .5ml EOD of the mix oil and an additional 50mg of Tren E (the source I’m looking at has 200mg/ml so it would be ideally .25ml, really round up to .3 for easy of measurement) [unless there would be a benefit to using Tren Acetate, as that’s what I did first cycle EOD].

So with my current plan that would put me injecting .75-.8ml/cc EOD. The first cycle I ran, the Tren A was 75mg/ml, the Test P was 100mg/ml and the Mast P was 100mg/ml I was injecting 2cc each time, only once did I get a little soreness from a glute injection but it went away after a day, and it was more so that I didn’t stretch or do legs that day IMO. Other wise it went very well all things considered… I did hit a nerve the first time going into the right quad, haha that was jolt.

Edit: Yes, recomp is my goal. I feel at my level of training and diet, I see no reason I cannot loose fat and put muscle on, I’ve been doing it so far.

Yes it’s slower to see some results but, I think it will be easy to maintain my gains and be healthier in the long run. If I get down below 15% bf in the future I may try to do a legitimate cut and get shredded, but knowing where I came from to where Im at now Im loving the transition and confident about my body already.

What’s the opinion for HCG use on a cycle such as I’ve proposed? My first cycle my testes didn’t atrophy at all, but this one will be twice the length and much more compound.

Also, I was thinking of laying it out like this
Week 1-12 Test e 300mg, Tren e 300mg, Mast e 300mg (100mg of each every other day)
Week 1-4 Dbol 20mg per day (may increase to 30mg)
Week 10-14 Winstrol 50mg per day
Week 1-14 Adex .5mg EOD

Was planning to start PCT 3 days after the last winny tab, should coincide nicely with the drop of all the other levels of compounds to below where they will be fully suppressive.

Week 14.5-19 Nolva 40/20/20/20
Clomid 50/50/25/25

What do you guys suggest the taper for the adex for weeks 12-14 and should I keep on it at all during PCT? I was thinking of using a herbal anti E support along with something to combat cortisol.