Backfilling Insulin Syringe Question

Backfilling Insulin Syringe Question…
For those of you that are backfilling syringes and injecting testosterone daily, how do you store the syringes after backfilling them? Is it ok to lay them down flat? Is there a concern of the oil leaking out? Any other tips about how to backfill would be great. Thanks for your help.

There is no reason to do this if you can fill from a multi-dose vial.

Just recap, nothing will leak out. Does not need refrigeration, would need to allow to warm up before injecting.

I assume that you are needing to split up contents of glass ampules. Backfilling may not be as easy as it sounds and presents opportunity for contamination. How do you keep the plunger sterile?

I usually just do one at a time. I’ll hang it upside down and let it load a few minutes before I plan to inject and go do something else. Preparing them multiple at a time is fine too. The oils viscousness should prevent much leakage. To be certain that there is none though, just load one at a time as needed. K.I.S.