Backbone Decompression

hi everyone.

i was lately thinking about this: deadlifting and squatting and more generally loading the backbone is going to put pressure on it (obviously). this pressure would result in a compression of the vertebrae…

therefore i was thinking that it would probably be wise to “decompress” the backbone and therefore the vertebrae through some periods of complete deload: i.e. no squat nor deadlift for a week after 3 weeks of workout, or after 6 weeks or whatever…

i was unable to find any information regarding the subject, any study where it is explained how vertebrae work under load and such or any indication regarding deload periods in order to keep a healthy backbone…

what do you guys think?
what is your experience on the matter?
do you have any link on studies/articles…?

thanks everyone for the input!

you decompress every night when you sleep. that is why you are taller in the morning.

some people like to decompress by hanging from the chin-up bar (doing some chins while you are at it might be an idea lol).
or by propping themselves up by their elbows on the roman chair - if your grip isn’t up to holding on to the chin bar for a couple minutes.
there are these things you can but that go around your lower legs that let you hang upsidedown like a bat. not entirely sure what the advantage of that is, but i’ve seen a few people with them so there might be something to it.

be careful loading the spine after decompressing it. i mean… decompress at the end of the session, not just before you do your weightlifting. like how you should try and not squat heavy for a half hour or hour or so after waking (for a similar reason).