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Backbone 5/3/1 Log


Deadlift:wup, 5x73kg, 5x84kg, 10x95kg, 5x5x73kg (FSL)
OHP:wup, 5x40kg, 5x45kg, 13x51,5kg,5x5x40kg (FSL)
Front Squat:5x5x50kg
Kroc Row 25x32,5 kg/side.



Wup: bw work and stretching/mobility work
Squat:wup, 3x75kg, 3x85kg, 10x95kg (10x90kg last 3’ week), 3x5x75kg (FSL)
Bench press:wup, 3x67,5kg, 3x77,5kg, 11x86,5kg (10x84kg last 3’ week), 3x5x67,5kg.
100 rep face pull green band.
Close grip bench press 50 repx52,5kg(20+15+15)
BB curl: 50 repx40 kg (15+15+15+5).

Nice beating the work I did a couple of weeks ago. 531 : slow but steady.


Wup/stretch/glute bridges/light ab work

Deadlift:wup, 3x78kg, 3x90kg, 13x100kg, 3x110kg, 3x120kg, 3x130 kg(jokers)
OHP:wup, 3x45kg, 3x50kg, 10x56,5kg,3x45kg, 3x50kg, 3x55 kg, 3x60 (jokers)
Front Squat:3x50kg, 3x55 kg, 3x60kg, 3x65kg, 3x70kg.
Yates row: 3 x 15 x 60 kg



WUP:some stuff.
Squat : wup+5x80kg, knee pain stopped me here.
Bench press: wup+5x72,5kg, 3x82,5kg, 8x92,5kg+3x5x72,5kg (fsl)
CGBP: 5x10x52,5kg
Barbell curls 5x10x40kg
100 rep band pull a part green band.



OHP: wup, 5x48,5kg , 3x51,5kg, 11x58kg
DL:wup, 5x85kg , 3x95kg, 9x105kg
SQ: wup 5x80kg, 3x90kg, 12x100kg
Yates row:3x15x60kg

Switched things around, cut assistance to a minimum and no extra besides main lifts but took revenge over last training session missing squat. Knee painless again.



Deload, indian summer, Lamb of God.

All 3 sets of 5 reps at 40,50,60% of TM.
Nothing more to report.



SQUAT wup, 5x85kg ,5x95kg, 11x107,5kg,5x85kg
BENCH PRESS wup,5x70; 5x81;5kg, 8x92,5kg, 5x5x70kg
RDL 5x10x50kg
YATES ROW 5x10 reps x 60 kg

Switching things around så I do arm together with ohp, dl and fsq and work lats on day 1Today) where I bench.


I’m a fan of squeezing things in. I like curls between squat FSL sets and push ups between squat warm up sets and calves between bench and pressing sets. Also fatman pull-ups between DL warm up sets.


Fatman pullups. Haven’ done them in a long time, but I think they will have a comeback.

Went mountainbiking with the 2 eldest boys, got a flat tire after 3,5 km so that presented the opportunity to train.

Foam rolled quite a deal cause I was sore after working with chopping/storing wood for winter under roof.
Deadlift:wup, 5x82,5kg, 5x92,5kg 10x107,5 kg easy(9x105 last cycle) so pleased.
OHP: wup, 5x48kg, 5x55kg, 11x60kg (11x58 last cycle)
Front squat 5x5x55 kg
Close grip bench press: 50 rep x 50 kg rest/pause style.
Bb curl 50 rep x 40 kg rest/pause style.


Squat:wup, 3x80kg, 3x90kg, 11x100kg (10x95kg Lars 3 rep week).
Bench presse: wup, 3x70kg 3x80kg, 11x90kg (11x86,5kg last 3 week)
RDL:50rep x 50 kg
Yates row: 50 rep 60 kg

Very pleased, indian summer, no energy, got it Done…


OHP: wup, 3x47,5kg, 3x52,5kg, 12x59kg (10x56.5kg last 3 week), 3x5x47,5kg FSL.
Deadlift: wup, 3x89kg, 3x95kg, 10x108kg (10x107,5 last 3 week) but had to regrip, 3x108kg sumo, 3x3x82,5 kg
Front squat: 3x5x60 kg. Paused, holy fuck crapping will happen standing tomorrow.
Close grip bench pres: 50kgx50 reps (20,15,15 )
Barbell curls: 50 x 40 kg (20,15,10,5)
Farmer walks: 3 sets og 50 meters w 2x30 kg dumbells.

Recap: good ohp pr, small dl pr, farmer walks outside in the sun and now my 12yo daughter has baked cookies.


Bench press: wup, 5x75kg, 3x85 kg, 8x95kg, 3x5x75kg FSL

Squat: wup, 5x85kg, 3x95kg, 10x105kg, 5x85kg

RDL 50 reps x 55 kg

Yates row 50 reps x 65 kg

100 rep band pull a part x green band between bench sets


OHP; 5x41.5kg, 5x47.5kg, 3x54kg, 12x60.5kg, 5x47.5kg, 10x40kg
DL: 5x60kg, 5x70kg, 5x80kg, 2x90kg, 5x95kg, 3x108kg, 5x120kg
Front Squat: 5x5x60kg
Close grip bench press: 50 rep x 52.5kg(20-12-10-8)

Lousy dl topset. Lost focus, grip and flow. Had 3 more in me.



Started all over, lowering the weights
Have been sick for almost a couple of weeks, the dreaded MAN-flue, which has claimed many many lives.
So 3 weeks down the drain, but I will be back

Bench press: wup, 5x66,5kg 5x76,5 kg, 10 x 86,5 kg + 5x5x66,5kg FSL

Hip Thrusts 3 x 15 x bw

Sit ups 3 x 15 x bw

Squat: wup,5x82,5kg, 5x95 kg, 8x107.5

RDL 50 reps x 50 kg

Yates row 50 reps x 60 kg

100 rep band pull a part x green band between bench sets


OHP;wup, 5x48kg, 5x55kg, 10x60kg
DL: 5x60kg, 5x70kg, 5x82,5kg, 2x95kg, 11x107,5kg
Front Squat: 5x5x60kg
Face pulls red band 3x15
Hammer curls, crossbody 3x15x12,5kg
Situps 3x15

Abs is the weak link in my chain, it will be my focuspoint on forward. Deadlift felt so much lighter than last time . I concentrated on the setup and grip. Who would have known.



Bench press: wup, 3x71,5kg, 3x81,5kg, 11x90 kg

CGBP 50(17,15,13,5)x52,5kg

Hip Thrusts 3 x 15 x bw

Squat: wup,3xx80kg, 3x90 kg, 11x100kg

RDL 50 reps x 50 kg

Pull a part x 100 rep bandgreen band between bench sets

Nice training, content, i drank a lot of beer testerday, must the reason.



OHP;wup, 5x40kg, 3x45kg, 3x 50kg, 3 x 57,5kg, 7x64kg
DL: 5x60kg, 5x70kg, 2x80kg, 3x88kg, 3 x 101,5kg, 11x113kg
Front Squat: 5x5x55kg
Face pulls red band 4x20
Barbell curls, 3x15x40kg
Situps 3x15,

Nice training



Bench press: wup, 5x75kg, 3x85 kg, 8x95kg, 3x5x75kg FSL

Pull apart 100 rep(5x20) green band between bench sets

Hip Thrusts 3 x 15 bw

Squat: wup(5x60kg, 5 x 70 kg, 3 x80kg), 5x85kg, 3x95kg, 8x105kg

RDL 50 reps x 52,5 kg

Close Grip Bench Press 52,5 kgx 18,15,11,6

Weak squat, I think I need to do a better warm up.

Music : Soulfly



SQUAT wup, 5x80kg, 5 x 91.5kg 11x103kg, 5 x 5 x 80kg FSL
BENCH PRESS: wup, 5x64kg, 5x74kg, 12x84kg, 5 x 5 x 64kg FSL
Tricep Extension (Push 50-100)db beh head 12,5kg x 20,15, 20, 15
Face Pulls(Pull 50-100) Green band 20, 20, 20, 20, 20
Crunches (Single leg/core 50-100 15, 12, 12, 11


Deadlift :wup, 5x82.5kg, 5x94.5kg, 10x107.5kg, 5x5x82.5kg
Military Press: wup, 5x42.5kg, 5x49kg, 15x55kg, 5x5x42.5kg
CGBP: 4x15x55kg
DB row: 4x15x15kg - to light but a start.
Side bend: 4x15x15kg