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Backbone 5/3/1 Log


Todays tryout of the weigths after a 3 month lay off(had our 4th child on the 18/4).
Went very well.

Hang Power clean 5 3 1
Deadlift 5 3 1
Frontsquat 5 x 5
Kroc row 2 sets wup 0f 10 reps + 1 set of max
The plank 3 x 45 seconds

The weigths where low, but the form and fell was great. Start saturday with pushing more heavy iron.
Over and out from Denmark


Todays training:

Hip Thruster 5 sets BW

Crunch 5 x 10

Squat 5 3 1

5 x 60 Wup
5 x 70 Wup
3 x 80 Wup
5 x 82 Work
5 x 95 Work
8 x 108 Work

Military 5 3 1
5 x 40 Wup
5 x 47 Work
5 x 54 Work
6 x 62 Work

Military 5 x 10 x 40

GM 5 x 10 x 60

Generel Note : Felt Weak after 2,5 mth layoff due to having child nr 4 and a wife with pelvis issues(blah blah), but got the job done


What's up dude!

I see we have very similar numbers on Military; my latest is 60kg x 6, so you are slightly ahead of me.

What are your maxes for the 4 lifts, and what are your goals?

Cheers, and keep up the training log!



My OHP 1rm is 80, my bench 1rm is 120 kg.
I actually dont know my squat and my deadlift max is rigth.
I have been struggeling with som back issues in the past, so it is only recently i started pushing weight in those again. But i think my squat and deadlift both are around 150 kg now, so no number that are bragworthy.

But I�´m happy to se how they are moving up, the corework(abs, lowback, mobility and stretches) are really what I have been missing, so I feel a lot stronger in my entire body than I have done in a long time. So the numbers will come.I Think I will run 5 3 1 a couple of cycles and the retest my maxes so I�´m more in tune with the real numbers.

Do you have experience with other programs such as Sheiko, Smolov Jr or Hepburns programmes or even 5x5, or did you do 5 3 1 from the beginning.

My goals, are to keep the progression with 2,5 kg in the upperlifts and 5 kg in the lower body lifts every 4 weeks as the programe dictates and loose weight.
This will make it hard but not impossible.

Im currently down from 134 to 131,5 kg, and would like to end at 110-115 kg, taking it in minigoals by 5 kg. I have always been a big guy, also before i started lifting with a big back and big legs, so I will never be "small", no mather where I end up.
Not a cut, just practing common sence also in my eating.

Cheers m8, will make an effort to log my trainings.


Todays trip to the ironpit, System Of A Down was entertaining.

Bench Press
5 x 50wup
5 x 60wup
5 x 62
5 x 72
10 x 82
Bench Press
5 sets of 10 x 60

Resistance Band Pull Aparts
5 sets of 20 reps put in between Bench Press sets

Yates row
10 x 60
10 x 65
10 x 70
10 x 75
10 x 80 Trying to find the level for the future sessions

JM Press
5 sets of 10 reps x 50 kg

Incline db Curls
5 sets of 10 reps x 15 kg/db.

Discovered I had used 15 kg less than 1Rm for the calculations. Think I stick with this calc an bump up with 5 kg the next 2 cycles. Take Care readers


Hey man.
I have dabbled with Starting Strength 3x5 in the past, but 5/3/1 is the first powerlifting program I've seriously followed. I began it mid-way through 2011.

The Juggernaught method is another program which really interests me. But I have read Wendler saying he is developing a "year plan" for 5/3/1 which will include various hypertrophy, strength and power phases, so if it is ready for 2013 I will likely follow that.

You're a big dude! How tall? You are lucky to have a huge size to chisel down. I am desperately eating and lifting to try and get up to 100kgs at 182cm/6 foot haha.

I'm sure now your back issues are over, your deadlift and squat will fly up really fast, particularly as you strengthen your core and increase mobility, as these are key.


P.S if I can recommend one exercise for the core, the ab wheel roll is my favourite, if you are not doing them already. They really nail the abs and lower back, and force your body to remain rigid for the whole movement.


I have done them one year ago, but some how my wheel ended up in the childrens sandbox, and well, it does not work that well any more. I do a lot of planks for the time, but also side bends and reverse crunches. I may by a new abwheel again.


Powerclean 5 3 1
5 x 50
5 x 60
5 x 70 I think I need to relax with this and practice technique first.

Deadlift 5 3 1
5 x 60 wup
5 x 70 wup
5 x 80 work
5 x 90 work
12 x 100 work OH grip, felt good, easy and fast and still with a couple "left in the tank"

5 x 42,5
5 x 52,5
5 x 62,5
5 x 62,5
5 x 62,5

Kroc Rows
10 x 27,5
10 x 32,5
16/16 x 37,5

The plank

3 x 45 sec

Satisfied with the training, soaked the t-shirt. listened to Deftones and the danish Rockabilly/heavyrock band Volbeat. Deadlift is mooving up. Wondering if my deadlift will benefit more from speed deadlifts after the 5 3 1 sets instead of the power clean?.
BW : 131 and still dropping


My personal opinion is Speed Deads or High Pulls are more beneficial to the deadlift than full olympic movements are. You can pull more weight, with less impact on your body. Also the hip set-up for power cleans tends to be quite different... with me anyway.



Foamroll of back/legs
Ligth stretching
Crunch 5 x 10 ss with
Hipthrusts 5 x 10

Squat 531
5 x 50 wup
3 x 60 wup
3 x 80 wup
3 x 88 ws
3 x 100 ws
8 x 108 ws

Military 5 3 1
5 x 40
3 x 50
3 x 57,3
7 x 65

Good Mornings
10 x 50
10 x 55
10 x 60
10 x 60
10 x 60

5 sets of 10 x 40 kg

DB B.B rear delt

3 sets of 10 x 12,5 kg

Todays music Sepultura and Deftones. Training vent well, Very happy.Sun is shining, and my babyboy is flooding me with smiles. bw 130.5 and dropping


BW 129,7 kg and dropping.
Bench , BO Row and arms later to night


Bench Press 5 3 1
5 x 50 kg wup
5 x 60 kg wup
Pushups wup

3 x 66,5 kg ws
3 x 75 kg ws
13 x 85 kg ws

Bench Press
5 sets of 10 @ 60 kg easy

Yates Row
10 x 65 kg
10 x 70 kg
3 sets of 10 @ 75kg

Time was running out so did 3 s light supersets for arm:
Ez Curls / Skull Chrushers :3x10 x 27,5kg / 3x10 x 32,5kg / 3x10 x 37,5.

Happy. Weightloss is about a pound a day, no starvation no craving.
Rammstein was on the boombox today


A pound a day without starvation? That's crazy! Also, great music choices.


I made healthy substitutions, Generally carb containing things is substituted with protein sources. And I load up on water and carrots and other fibrous veggies that fill my gut.

The white bread roll between breakfast and lunch I normally have, this is substituted with a Protein shake, an apple and a bunch of carrots. Lots of water.

At lunch i substitute mayo and other fat containing foods with more meat, and have a salad with hardboiled eggs +chicken or tuna and maybe 1 slice of bread instead of 3 bread slices.We have a great canteen at my work(part of my contract)And by far I`m the one eating most meat at my work.

At dinner i substitute some of the carb containing things with more Protein, and the carbs I do eat are the whole grain type, not the white processes type.

So I dont feel hungry. There will come a time, I Know, where I have to cut a bit more, and maybe then I will suffer a bit more.

And the 8 km i ride my MTB to and from work is done more HIIT like, sprints between the green lights. Fortunately not many people are up, I might look stupid hehe.


Deadlift day

Power clean
3 sets of 3 reps at 50 kg.
This will be part of my Deadlift warm up from here on.
Light and fast.

3 x 60 kg wup
2 x 80 kg wup

3 x 82 kg ws
3 s 94 kg ws
10 x 105 kg ws

Front Squat
5 x 40 kg wup
5 x 45 kg ws
5 x 55 kg ws
4 sets of 5 reps at 65 kg ws

The plank
3 x 30 sec(was a bit coretired here from FSQ)

Kroc Row
10 x 22,5 kg wup
15/15 x 42,5 kg ws

Felt great, Deadlift with surplus energy, happy with that.
Metallica played music.
When showering I tried out some face scrub that I got from a girl friend.
I still look ugly, so threw it out.


BW :129 and dropping


Generel Warmup:

Crunch 5 x 10 x bw
Hip Thrusts 5 x 10 x bw
Foam roll misch.
Stretch ala Mckensie.

Squat 531
5 x 60 kg wup
5 x 80 kg wup
3 x 90 kg wup
5 x 95 kg ws
3 x 107,5 kg ws
3 x 120 kg ws

Military Press 531
5 x 40 kg wup
3 x 50 kg wup
5 x 55 kg ws
3 x 61,5 kg ws
3 x 68,5 kg ws

Military Press
3 sets of 10 x 40 kg
supersettet with
B.O.Lat Raise 3 sets of 10 x 12,5 kg.Bumping it up to 14 kg next time

Good Morning
3 sets of 10 x 60 kg

Fuck my luck. Got hit on my way to work by a Ford Transit van and got thrown of my bike to the ground. Nothing happened but bruises. Had eye contact with the driver in this roundabout. The van lowered the nose(braking), but then he tried to find something on the dashboard, and ceased to brake enough. I got hysterically pissed and was yelling and screaming.The guy opened the door saying "Sorry Sorry", but when he saw my rage, he quickly closed the door, and rolled the window a bit down. I even kicked of his side mirror in anger, stupid, the Vans was innocent haha. I´m glad he didn´t get out. I think I would have done something stupid and illegal. Was so angry the whole day I had to train, otherwise I can not sleep to night. Was a bit in pain, so cut back a bit on the assistance exercises. But glad I got it over with. Tired and sore.



BW 128,4 kg and dropping.


Bench Press 531
7 x 60 kg wup
7 x 60 kg wup

5 x 70 kg ws
3 x 80 kg ws
10 x 90 kg ws.

Bench Press
2 sets of 10 reps of 60 kg.

Startet to feel ill, flue like, chose to call it a day.
To night If i feel well, some mountainbiking, there is a 35 km amateur race near my home.
Bw 128,4 kg still.