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Back2it Log

Tuesday 6/21/11
ran .6 mile
75 situps
25 pushups off flat bench
deadlift 135x5x5

Thursday 6/23/11
ran .75 mile
100 situps
50 pushups off flat bench
deadlift 155x5x5

Saturday 6/25/11
ran 1 mile
75 reverse crunchs
60 pushups off flat bench
deadlift 175x5x5

run felt good. weights did not. really weak and sore after starting workout. must remember to eat. not alot of food taken in yesterday due to work schedule.

Will hit same workout again next time to make sure everything is on track.


Stairmaster 10 mins really felt that in calfs good burn
Planks: 30 front 30 right 30 left 30 front x 2
50 pushups off flat bench
deadlift 175x5x5

felt really good today even though eating / schedule has been hectic.

late night early morning. proud I got to the gym.

Plank 1 min
34 pushups off flat bench
deadlift 195x5x5

deadlift 275x5
bench 155x3


bench 135x4x5
deadlift 295x1x1
mil press 65x3x5

felt really great. next day feeling good. eating alot so this is probably why! tuna steak my new love.

goal break 300 dl for reps
bench 200x1
mil press 100x1


bench 135x7,4,4,4,2
deadlift 215x6 225x5 235x3
mil press 75x5


bench 145x2 then 115x2x5 bullshit terrible day for bench left shoulder felt like crap dont understand. Will switch to dips until I can do a manly number and then come back to bench… it has always been my worst exercise and I’m pretty sure its due to technique as I have some inherited arm issues but I cant afford a coach atm…

deadlift 225x6 235x5 245x4 felt great really focusing on exploding the lift up

bb row 115x5x5 great really felt this after all reps from deadstop on floor

mil press 65x5x5 need to focus on recruiting entire core into lift can really feel dif when I do this.


deadlift 135x6x10
did some chins but they’re also tweaking my shoulder…
bb row 135x5x5


deadlift 315x 2, 1 (pr)
bb row 95x8,7,6 really working on form and staying strict
mil press bar only x 20 x 2 shoulder is still tweaked just trying to get some blood in there.

great day broke my dl goal and felt awesome. new goal 350!


decided to work on some chest stuff that will transfer to my bench once I find a training partner and start making that a real priority.

flat db bench 55x5,5,5,5,6
pec deck 110x10,10,7,7
negative chins
close grip bench 60x10,10

light day today muscles sore from yesterday just wanted to get them moving and full o blood.

speed deads 155x3,3,3,3,3
lat pulldown 50x10,10,10,10,10

corner press 45x5,5
corner row 45x5,5


smith machine bench 185x5,4,5
db bench 30x15,15
db row 60x12,8,8
facepull 40x8,8,8
db curl 30x8 20x8,8


speed deadlifts 155x2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2
leg extension 50x10,10,10
stiff leg deadlift 185x5,5,5,5,5
cable side bends 80x10,10,10


bench press 95x20,16,14 5:00 felt great… no shoulder issues really been working the technique and FEEL it in my pecs.
triceps pushdown 50x5,5,5,5,5 :90
ghr 4x3 :90 fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucking hard! have to use a support bar cant do BW yet.
cable side bends 50x15,15,15 :90

trying to include rest times from now on. soon will add in diet. small steps.


deadlift 325x1 345xMISS 325x1,1 PR 5:00
Military press 105x2,3,2 PR :90
GHR 3x5 :90
cable side bends 100x5 120x5 130x5 :90


spead deadlift 185x3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3 :45
triceps pushdown 35x12,8,6 :90
leg curls 40x8,8,8 :90
crunches 10,10,10 increased weight every set 5,10,25lbs :90


Firehouse sub: 1280cal 76fat 90carb 69pro
sonic m&m blast: 746cal 40fat 87carb 12pro
pro shake: 250cal 4fat 6carb 50pro
300g chicken 480cal 12fat 0carb 90pro
2cup brown rice w/tuna 500cal 4fat 90carb 25pro

pro shake w/ 2 scoops, oats, 3 eggs, greens, fiber
1050cal 26fat 106carb 94pro
firehouse sub 1500cal 101fat 101carb 54pro
chips 250cal 15fat 29carb 4pro
coke 260cal 0fat 60carb 0pro
pro shake 250cal 4fat 6carb 50pro
pro shake 250cal 4fat 6carb 50pro

bench press 155x3,3 135x8
pushups 12, 8
leg curls 30x10,10
situps 30
sidebends 60x15

pro shake 250cal 4fat 6carb 50pro
chicken stir fry
300g chicken 330cal 3fat 0carb 69carb
1 cup broc 50cal 0fat 12carb 4pro
1 cup corn 177cal 2fat 41carb 5pro