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Back211's Push and Pull Log


So My name is Michael. I started weight training in high school as a 155lbs and before my injury this past spring/summer was 185 and around 10%bf, I really got into it sophmore year then I had a bike accident due to dirt jumps that put me out and gave me a fracture and deep deep cuts, I was out for couple of months and it happened the weekend before I was supposed to go to Jr. Olympics,

Next year I started lifting again (Jr. year) and took some supp's like l-glutamine, protien (duhr), creatine, etc. and I made awesome gains actually getting alot stronger whith a good routine workout. Then I got bronchitis and stopped lifting and swimming for two months. I started swimming again, but i did not continue lifting.

This past year (my Sr. year) I was extremely lazy and started lifting with the team for the last 4 months of highschool, I was pretty big then and I lost alot of fat due to 5hrs of swimming 1 hr of running and then hitting the weights almost everyday.

I was later recruited to national team, but got sick before champ's didnt win, gf of one year dumped me, grandpa died, and had rotary cuff injury. I stopped everything and lately saw myself let go (slow pot belly pouch) now I wanna get back into working out again and being fit, signed up for gym membership and here goes a new begginging.

Im doing push and pull workout to start out, so i dont know many of my maxes but here is my stats and all i do know

18yrs old
6'0 starting at 180lbs

Day 1
Aug 10
deadlifts(tried to build up/warmup kinda)
135 x10,225 x6, 315 x5, 385x3 x3, 405 x1
supported DB curls
40 8x3

Next I did superset
Weighted pull-ups
8x3 (noweights barely was able to touch the bar with my chest)
Straight-leg deadlifts
225 x8x3

hanging straight-legged raises
kneeling cable crunches
120 3x12

Aug 11
Front Squats
135x8, 205x 7x3
Smith Machine Bench (Vince girodo style)
135x3, 205x 7x3
Standing overhead press
115x 8x3
Dips (weighted)
25 8x3

Over all went pretty nice, was suprised I could lift so much. I like the 8x3 alot because when I do high number of reps my left elbow (fractured long time ago) starts to hurt. For example, after watching 300 one day i was pretty pumped went out and did jump rope to get ripped, but I realized i need more chest so i did pushups and after two sets, I could not finish the third cuz my friggin elbow was like mt.momma tomma and hurt like a BZ.

anyways felt really gud, couldve pushed more in some lifts. First time doing alot of the lifts and first time lifting in a while so it was good for first two days in. Super sore esp my back and shoulders. My lower back is killing me
Post to self: get foam roller and chalk, getting blisters and bar almost fell when trying to do 455 on deadlift, failed miserably tho haha. and get music to get pumped.


By the way this workout is from CT article about push and pull here it is:

Pictures soon to come.
Dont ask about diet, I have no realy diet.
I eat as much as i can and usually consists of greens, eggs, PBandJ, and meat. I will try to go food shopping and get some protien supp asap.

o yea and I will search right now for warm up articles but just wondering how to warmup with such a program. Thanks!



[quote]back211 wrote:

I was later recruited to national team, but got sick before champ’s didnt win.[/quote]

You never specified what sport you were into… although im guessing swimming?