Back211 Iron Nomad Powerlifting Log

Hey guys,

Im 24, in the Army and move around A LOT. Right now in Korea, stationed in Texas. Been lifting on and off but for the last couple months I just started taking stuff real serious and stuck to a program and recorded everything and what not.

I have no competitions, the closest thing is this mock meet/ exhibition thing one of the units did here in Korea (a powerlifting meet, but organizers had no idea what was going on and butchered it haha. Good intentions though.)

I plan on competing in Powerlifting, Raw w/out wraps for now. I looove it.

Stats: 24yr
HT/WT: 5"11 / 207

Just counting Calories and going to jump into IIFYM sometime soon here. (Commissary is not very reliable here)
3390 CAL a day (using MyFitnessPal)

Best Lifts:
Squat- 355
Bench- 285
Deadlift- 495

2mi: 12:30

All these lifts came up super easy and for my third attempt I just reached to far got stuck and bleh.

Running Sheiko, just finished 29 and added 10lbs to every lift in one month, but most of all best thing was my form improved tremendously and way more confident under heaviest of weights. Just love getting under the bar and lifting the competition lifts. It really helped me grease the groove. Bout to start Sheiko 30 tomorrow and plan on running 31, 32, 37.

In addition to this I also do PT and train with the military for physical fitness. That means a lot of running, rucking (hiking w/ heavy backpack) and Calesthetics.

-hit 315 in bench
-hit 405 in squat
-go 9/9 next competition
-Nutrition and Body Comp wise. Stay at around the same weight but decrease BF%

Will try to update every M/W/Fri, might be off a day or so.

Non- flex before bed on the weekend. Feeling pretty sick today.

So Today’s lifting at around 1300. Had a big breakfast and no lunch so I went in empty stomach (I prefer going to the gym couple hours after I eat I hate going with a full stomach.)

Todays Routine:

Warm Up:
Felt really beat up lately so today I took the extra time to prep my body a bit more.

Foam roll a lil bit (maybe 3 min to get the real tight spots out)
10min bike (Just enough to get me sweating, I must admit I am wearing a sweater and sweats still at this point.)
Foam Roll/ Softball MyofascialRelease Full body
Stretch out hip flexors and legs
Stretch out upper body
Chris Duffins Hip side to side
BW Split squats
Band Pull Aparts
Face Pulls

After this I change into my gym attire and I take my pre-workout and I walk to the gym. I take about 15min then I start my first set. Sometimes if i get to the gym in like 2 min I will meditate or something. I just like to allow my body to get some more rest between and get that pre-workout pumping.

5 x 1 @ 178
4 x 1 @ 213
3 x 2 @ 248
3 x 5 @ 284
Slight feeling of elbow tendinitis by the end of this

Bench (w/ a 1-2 sec pause)
5 x 1 @ 143
4 x 2 @ 171
3 x 2 @ 200
3 x 5 @ 228
DEFINITELY felt some elbow tendinitis after this

DB Shoulder NOTE: Tendinitis was going away/ Did not add to the discomfort.
8 x 5 @ 70
DB Flye (full stretch to the floor) NOTE: Tendinitis went away after this excercise!
6 x 4 @ 25

5 x 1 @ 195
4 x 1 @ 231
3 x 5 @ 266

Good Morning
5 x 5 @ 135

Cooldown light lifts with tons of foam rolling and stretching:
Chest Supported Row
15 x 5
Lat Pulldowns
12 x 5
Rear Delts
15 x 3
Band Pull Aparts

In Summary:
Overall Felt really good. Did not get to do my first intial Bench “excercise” because there was like 3 people waiting for the bench when I got to the gym and I was going to add it on to the back end after the second pair of squats. However after feeling that tendinitis flare up I was like Nah let it rest.

Really felt awesome was able really activate the glutes out the hole. Something just clicked and I just got it, and feeling alot stronger out of the hole.

Things I need to IMPROVE:
Consistency on my bench. I feel like im going really high alot of the time and not hitting the same place.

Nutrition Wise:
Goal: 3390
HIT: 3093 so far will most prob munch something down still or throw a protein shake in here.

C 52% 407
F 25% 89
P 23% 178

Pretty happy with my first day of counting. Really high in sugar so Im going to try to cut that down.

Im on CQ right now which is basically a 24hr work shift. This sucks haha. Im so tired, today was supposed tonbe my hardcore deadlift day. Oh well gunna have to push it till I wake up after I rake a nap when I get off. Last time i lifted after a CQ shift I felt like crap. Alright 7 hrs more.

SO quick update. I had a 24 hr CQ shift which basically meant I patrolled the military barracks and made sure no one was acting crazy and whatnot for 24 hrs. Its not a punishment, everyone has to do it. There is a whole rotation and everyone does it basically one off-day and one workday. So I finished it 0930 on the 31 DEC 2015 and I went to sleep right away. Woke up at around 1700 or 5 pm and ate some grub and went to the gym completely empty. Here is my date with the gym:

Warm up:
Quick foam roll
Some light hip flexor stretch
Some quick myofascial release with my softball (just a couple min hitting the shoulders and pecs)
10 min on elliptical

Deadlift (deficit):
4 x 1 @ 248
4 x 2 @ 297
3 x 2 @ 347
3 x 5 @ 405 (Not on a deficit)
(*Did without a belt. Felt like my form broke down during the initial pull off the floor.Hmm…)

Bench Press:
5 x 1 @ 143
5 x 1 @ 171
4 x 2 @ 200
3 x 2 @ 214
2 x 2 @ 228
1 x 2 @ 242
2 x 2 @ 228
3 x 2 @ 214
4 x 1 @ 200
6 x 1 @ 185
8 x 1 @ 171
10 x 1 @ 157
12 x 1 @ 142

DB Flies
10 x 5 @ 25 (FULLLLL STRETCH)
Skull Crushers with Parallel Grip Barbell thingie
20 x 3 @ 20 (super light just a nice little pump)

Deadlift (pull from blocks)
5 x 1 @ 297
4 x 2 @ 347
3 x 3 @ 405
2 x 4 @ 450

Back Ext
10 X 5 @ 50KB
(Also did 5 x 10 @ 70 Curls with this. Just an easy little pump)
Rear Delts
15 X 5

(Dressed back into sweats and beanie and drank my post workout while I was doing these last exercises.)

Good deadlift day. Have’nt done this much volume at a higher percentage for a while now. Felt horrible off the floor but lockout was tight and form really good mid-range. Usually off the floor is my strong suit but ever since my mock meet I feel like i cant keep as tight during my setup…Just got to work on some light with emphasis on form and setting a better routine for when I get into my setup before the pull.
Bench felt off too. Setup routine is shite and Just felt weak and I think I go to high.

So even with my 24 hr shift I ate somewhat regularly. Stayed within my calories somewhat hit my macros more or less. With today being kinda weird I went a bit over in my calories but I feel as if it is fine, just due to the fact that I did have that weird scheduling.

Some footage of todays sesh. First time filming so bad angles.

Like I said felt pretty crappy, def off. However, any advice is welcome!

MOTIVATION a 10 right now.

Eating oatmeal, a banana, and a scoop of protien. Bout to poop and head to the gym. Ima do warm up routine take preworkout and then start squatting!

Focusing on tight upper back during the bench.

Focusing on glute engagement during the squat and good brace including the lats.