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I recently injured my back, from being thrown on on the floor instead of the mat during a throwing routine for a larate tournament, and now it hurts in the lower left side to bend over, should I stop training my back for a while? Or keep training, it hurts slightly to do any movement involving the back.

There is a good chance that you just bruised yourself up pretty good. There is also a good possibility that things are out of whack. I would really think that some sort of chiropractor would be in order. If it hurts to train I would be concerned that my form would be too far off and I could be doing more harm than good. If it’s just bruised up a bit I would work around till it’s passed but none the less a chiro would be prudent.

Sharp pains or dull achy…Could have bruised your kidney…Get checked out by a sports therapist…VooDooChile