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Back Workout

Here’s a pretty nice backworkout if anybody is looking for something new. Your lats will be fried. Sets and reps are flexible, order of exercises is not.

DEADLIFT 2 sets, 8-12
BENT OVER ROW 1 set 8-10
PULL-UPs 1 Set BDYWT, failure

The Pullover machine is often ignored in most gyms but I've found it does a great job of pre-exhausting the lats while sparing the biceps for further back work. Let me know how this works out for you.

i agree with your point about the pullover machine being neglected. I like to use it occasionally prior to chinning-it really makes you feel the lats working
I don’t do my deads on back day though-I do them on leg day since I feel my legs working more than my back while deadlifting but to each his own