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Back Workout


hello guys,

It is the second time I'm writing on this subject concerning my problem of only having soreness on my left lat. Briefly, after doing seated rows or lateral pulldowns, I always feel like I'm only working my left side of the back (The lats) and therefore I never feel sore on the right side.

T- Nation members have suggested me to perform exercise with a foam roller. According to them, it is a problem of mobility. I found an intersting video on how to perform those exercises with the foam roller :

My questions are, if this problem persist will my back immobility "stunt" muscle gain on the back?

Is the foam roller the only remedy to cope with my immobility? Do I continue doing seated rows and lat pulldowns despite immobiblity?

I have been doing the first exercise on the link since saturday but it haven't really helped yet.....


You can also do one-arm rows, with a cable, dumbbell, or even a barbell. (Look up Meadows rows for an example.)


i see... so do you think I should stop doing the normal seated cable row since the one arm cable row will compensate?


Do you feel a difference in both lats while exercising? I'd focus on slowly stretching both sides of your back while doing a back exercise (like pulldowns), and then focus on slowly contracting both sides.