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Back Workout = Skin Loss on Hand

Hey Guys,

I just did a Awesome back workout… But… after my 3rd Exercise… I got a slight pain in the Balls of my Hand where my calluses form. I could feel my skin bunching and actually… ripping apart. I thought nothing it until on my 2nd set of my last exercise about a Inch of skin came off my hand, needless to say it was painful.

Is there anything I can do to remedy this in the future. Cause I don’t want to lower the weight… thats just stupid. Id rather rip the skin off my hand each week… But still if it can be avoided id like to know how to go about it!!

Thanks in Advance!!!

You should use chalk. Also check you grip. You should be holding the bar with your fingers, not the ball of your palm. Work on your grip if you need to. I keep a role of tape in my gym bag in case I get a rip. Keep your calluses trimmed.


Here’s a good article on how to remove calluses safley. This should at least help prevent this from occuring in the future.