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Back Workout - Exercises and Order


Although I am not a beginner anymore I will write here because its more a basic question and the people here seem to be nice :P.
I came here to ask about my back day.
My training split looks like this:
Pull(deadlift)-push (chest)-legs-off- pull(back) -push(shoulders)-off

I am gonna use the next day a pump workout for the muscle of yesterdays day.
My thoughs about my back workout are like this:
5 *3 Snatch Grip High Pulls
4 *6-8 chin ups
3*6-8 barbell rows
3*8-10 t-bar rows

And than maybe
Shrugs 3*8-10
Biceps Curls 3-8-10
Hyperextension 3*8-10

I am not sure, there are too many exercises... Maybe someone can help me ? :slight_smile:




Damn son, snatch grip high pulls? Getting into oly lifting? Or you just like really awesome exercises?


Help you with what, exactly?

What's your goal? What are your current stats (height, weight, fat level, strength on basic lifts)?

Right off the bat, even without knowing your goal, I'd reduce exercise redundancy by ditching the shrugs and choosing one row variation instead of the two.