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Back Workout 2013

Hey guys, I am relatively new to this site so I thought I would kick start a forum around my favourite body part, back.

This is my most recent back routine, its a combination of all the exercises that have worked best for me, it holds crazy intensity and also needs good form to be successful. To switch it up and make the workout even harder I have started doing the 3 pull up exercises at the end of the routine which takes pain to a whole new level!

Feel free to give it a go and let me know how it goes :slight_smile:

The main reason for this post is, I am in need of some inspiration… Are there any exercises that you guys would recommend in order to increase the workouts effectiveness? Or even something totally different… Im always up for change and/or new methods of training :slight_smile:

Hope my workout is helpful and I look forward to all the ideas :slight_smile:


well you certainly have very good form

stats like:


you may want to consider increasing your calories

Cheers mate, thats what i focus on, seems to give me far more stimulation than going heavy ass lol

Im 22, 5ft 10 and 82kg (180.5lbs)

Yeah i have been trying that recently, might keep upping the calorie intake until things start to change.

Any1 got any new and crazy exercises? Or something in particular that really just seems to work?
To broaden the convo make it any muscle group.

Also if you have any questions for me about training and stuff I will do my best to answer them :slight_smile: