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Back Work for 531

Hey guys quick question…

If I’m understanding Jim correctly, I should be doing back work on my pressing days for push/pull equality. I take that as pullups, DB rows, ect. Should I still be doing this if the following day is DLs? And if I should be, do I then just stick with lower back assistance on DL day?

Right now I have it set up as-

Day 1
DB Press

Day 2
Kroc Rows

Day 3
Incline Bench
DB Bench

Day 4
Leg Press

So as you can see I’m doing no pulling on my pressing days. I’m trying to keep assistance easy and uncomplicated but don’t want to set myself up for failure down the line.

That doesn’t look like any 531 program I’ve seen. Have you read his books? They have a variety of programs with supplemental work and assistance work laid out.

Just make sure you leave your harder rows for days other than the day before DL. Easy.

Also drop some pressing exercises in favour of rows, you’re doing Kroc rows and nothing else but also DB press, DB bench and incline press as well curls and triceps. Ditch two of the presses and replace them with some kind of row. You could probably replace the the curls, triceps and shrugs too although I will say that curls and triceps have helped my elbow health and bench, so they do have a use.

You could also organise the assistance a bit better. Squat day seems fine to me, but Krocs after DL would murder me, so you could shift them to after bench instead of a press and add some lower back work in their place and possibly move shrugs to DL day as well. That would give you a slot for another row on press day.

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I like to SS Presses and Pulls.

Press 5/5/5 + 3 x 10 Hammer grip pulldowns
Press 10 x 5 + 10 sets of Chins.

Cable Flyes
Db Row’s 3 Sets 10-12.

Deadlift I have Kroc rows at the very end.
Bench is similar to the above but with horizontal pulling. Mostly Pendlay rows

Just actually follow one of the templates from the books, hell even one of the 40+free articles he’s written for this site

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Great advice. Thank you!

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