Back Width

Hey CT I wanted to ask you a question regarding back training. Right now my main goal is to get that wide look for my upper body. I have looked at lot of stuff here on tnation and from what Ive read from your previous back training articles is that the wider look is specifically achieved from getting bigger lats and building a wider back. So should that be the main focus? or does some sort of specified shoulder training for getting wider shoulders should also be something I should focus on? I looked at your Indigo programs and you give some specialization routines (Back Width and thickness etc.) and I was wondering how should i set up my main training if this was the goal? Should I just specialize for the next month like your HSS Back article or keep everything normal and just include the Back Width specialization workout once a week with everything else?

I would really appreciate your advice and would love to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks for the help as always.

By the way I have been doing your “You Dont Know Jack About Your Back” routine for the past month and I just wanted to say its an AWESOME routine. My back has never been that sore and continuously after every back workout. Great Stuff