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Back Volume for Assistance

Would 5x10 on pulldowna and rows twice a week be sufficient for back work or would you
Recemend higher volume ?

assuming that both days are spaced out (e.g. Monday/Thursday) and you do 5x10 pulldowns on one day and 5x10 rows on the other that sounds like the sweetspot for volume. Whats working for me atm is no heavy/grindy reps for assistance at all, just “pump” and “feel a slight burn” type of work for the assistance and all out on main lifts.

oh i meant doing both on the same day, Jim said how he does between 200-300 reps of back work a week

you COULD do both on same day AND twice per week but i dont know how well you recover. From my experience this would be too much volume for myself and im in the advanced category by most standards. And the traditional approach (trumvirate, BBB etc) should be more than enough to yield results (prs) Remember, more volume DOES NOT equal more strength, especially for assistance stuff

Guaranteed youve heard it: “what works for one guy/athlete doesnt mean it will work for you”

I do something funky with my back assistance, I’ll do a giant set of dumbbell row, pull down, and face pulls, very time efficient, tons of volume, and its great when I am in a time crunch

You could do both on the same day twice a week but I’d suggest bringing volume down a bit and instead add an intensified set at the end.
2x6+4 rest pause @75%
That’s 35 total reps. Do the same with rows and that puts you at 70 total pulling assistance reps. If your chosen program calls for 50-100 reps for pulling assistance. You’re golden

He’s also a beast that’s been around the block more than a few times. What applies to someone with that level of experience doesn’t necessarily apply to others not on the same level