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Back Transformation

17 years old. About 3 months between pictures. Go to exercises were the 5x5 on Barbell Rows and Heavy Deadlifts. Also used pullovers , chins , and pulldowns. Not Much else. Any points i should focus on ? I feel such as my traps are lagging.


Sorry, but those are kinda crap photos for a comparison. You always want to replicate pics under as similar criteria as possible. Those are two different poses and you’re missing half your back in the first pic.

If you’re still thinking about competing, use your phones timer to take pics in the mandatory poses (since you’ll need to learn how to pose properly anyway). That’ll be the best way to judge what really needs work.

Variety often leads to new growth. If it’s really stressing you out, swap out those five basic exercises for new stuff. This article from Meadows has plenty of ideas. This one from Dr. Clay Hyght also has solid info.

thank you for the feedback !