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Back Training: Talk Me Into It

Logic keeps telling me that I should spend more time on my pulls and I want to spend my next cycle focusing on row variations, dead lifts, good mornings, etc, but there’s a voice in the back of my head whispering and prodding for me to keep giving my chest and shoulders priority (I’ll be doing squat variations either way, squats do a body good!).

So talk me into giving my back priority!

If you don’t balance out the shoulder girdle with pulls you WILL injure your rotator cuff. It’s not a matter of if, but when. Most of bros who just focused on mirror muscles ended up with shoulder injuries.

On top of rows, face pulls + pull aparts with bands aren’t a bad idea.


A strong back feels awesome and looks great. You don’t see it in the mirror but everyone else does. A weak back makes you look and feel puny and cannot be compensated for with big pecs or front delts.

Under balanced development of pecs and front delts leads to shoulder internal rotation - “hunchback”. Rows, pull-ups, and band face pull / aparts will see you right.

High frequency and volume, and lowish load.

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Everyone will be bigger and stronger than you if you don’t train back.

Rephrased, you’ll be smaller and weaker than everyone if you don’t train back.


Thanks guys! I’m psyched!

How about two different shoulder surgeries related to underdeveloped upper back strength. Causing a muscle imbalance.

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Yeah, that’s a scary good reason. This morning I did 9x2 of rows.