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Back Training Suggestions


H i, I've come to realize that I have a fairly good amount of understanding for most of my body parts in my training except for the back. I was hoping if anyone could direct me to links about how to develop your back muscles because my back is not as strong as I want it to be.

thanks in advance!

Oh and another different question which I am still finding but, how do people endure having the bar on their back when doing Bar squats?


dude - search through the last 15 articles on this site, bet you theres at least 3 dedicated to back training.
2nd question, because we are men, and it doesnt hurt if you do it right anyway


Well, as to your first question, check out the thread in the T-Cell Alpha on back training. There's a lot of good stuff in there as far as tips go that we have all found work for us from experience. Some of them may disagree, but all of those ideas are tested in real life.

Also, if you need to bring up your back, you need to work it a)harder and b) more often in a week. People don't generally do either, with every monday, wednesday, and friday being International Bench and Bicep days.

And finally, as far as squatting goes: suck it up. Really. That's what I did when I was a newb, along with thousands of people before me. It is uncomfortable, that is just the way it is. Also, you don't have any back musculature. The more meat you have on your back, the more comfortable the bar sits. Right now the bar and me are best friends; it sits just fine back there.


Focusing on your mind muscle connection on back exercises is crucial. Yeah yeah Strength = Size, but you really need to focus on that contraction more than weight moved for back.


When doing back squats, suck your shoulder blades together, lift your chest up. This will create a "cushion" of muscle that the bar sits on, assuming you have any sort of musculature back there. If not, in a couple of weeks you WILL have built it just from squatting.


Good post.


Pullups, barbell rows are great for back training, also deadlifts will actually work your whole back and traps pretty hard.

Now about the bar on your back during squats- check to make sure you arent putting it actually on your spine. Put it a little bit lower for high bar squats, and actually on top of your shoulder blades for low bar squats.


I'll answer this one as the experts don't seem to know. They use a 'pussy pad'(barbell pad).


No no no no no, they build some muscle. It's better. In every single way.


There's a shit ton of great back stuff. Like a few other's suggested, check out the thread on the T-Cell for a nice neat compilation.

As for the bar on your back; it doesn't rest on your back like it's a convenient place for it to sit. Contract your shoulder blades, pull the bar a bit lower and try to bend it across your back. It's not a passive thing, it's active. When you set up under the bar, you drive into it and try to bury it in the shelf of muscle created by the retraction of your shoulder blades. I squatted 315 when I weighed 120 lbs so I wasn't exactly yoked and had no problem comfortably holding the weight on my back. It takes time, practice and most importantly, watching someone who knows what they're doing.


OP, how high are you holding the bar on your back?

At least in my case, having the bar too high is painful even though I have an appreciable amount of muscle on my upper back. At certain points the bar would just be sitting on bone.

During your set up, position the bar a bit lower down and retract your shoulder blades. If you don't have the shoulder flexibility to do that, space your hands a bit wider if you have to.