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Back Training Roundtable Question

From one of CW’s responses to the discussion:

This seems impossible to me. I understand lifting heavy (85%). I understand lifting fast (~3 reps in 2 seconds). But, I can’t understand how the two can go together!

It seems impossible that an athlete could lift a weight that is 85% 1RM for 3-4 reps in under 2 seconds.


On what Right Side Up wrote:

85% of a max clean for 3 fast reps is possible because its already a fast exercise. If you can power clean 250, you can probably shrug what 300+. 85% of 250 is 210-215, and because its already a fast exercise its possible. Also possible on the shrug because it has such a short ROM.

Right Side Up,

My guess is that he was referring to shrugs. The ROM is short enough that the stated number of reps could be completed with heavy weight in the time frame he gave.


Yes, I was unclear about the exercise description: I was referring to shrugs. The TUT of each set was so short since the movement is so small. It’s very possible to do this routine.