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Back training -- drop it?

I have been doing 20 min HIIT on a Concept 2 on alternating mornings the past few weeks. Due to the incredible amount of rowing this entails, I am wondering if I should drop BO Rows from my upper body workout. It would seem that all the rowing I am doing on the C2 would make up for it, and maybe I would be overtraining back to include rows every other day as well. Currently I am doing BO Rows 5x5 and Pulldowns 5x5, alternating pronated and supinated grip. Or maybe I am just getting lost in the minutia.

I think you’re fine. That would be like me dropping my hamstring work because I sprint alot. I wouldn’t worry about it.

I take your point, however, my concern arises from the fact that the stroke on a C2 consists largely of a seated row, so it is not only working the same muscles, it is the same movement. I worked out that I do more than 600 reps of seated rows in a 20 min HIIT routine. That said, I think I will follow your advice for a few weeks and see how it goes. Thanks.

I am going to be incorporating some rowing HIIT on a Concept 2 in the coming weeks as well…I was thinking of doing it following my weight training on the day I train lats and traps…good idea, or should I do it following the weight training for other body parts?

If you are going to do HIIT type training on a C2, it would have to be after weight training. Once I take it to the max 4 times in 20 min, I am drenched in sweat, and I don’t think I could lift effectively. I prefer to alternate it with weight training days, but what the hell? Give it a shot. You never know. It may work out well for you.

I’m not sure what the rest of your split looks like, but if you are doing some sort of bent-leg deadlift, pull down, and the rowing erg, you will have plenty of back work. If you are not deadlifting, I would drop the BO rows and add deads.

Just realized I mis-read your post. Sorry. If you do a hard lat workout, though, I don’t see how you can do a good HIIT workout on the C2 just after. Whatever you try, put up your results, I would like to know how it works out for you.

You know what worked for me in my back training? Deadlifts. 3-4 sets of heavy deads, via Dave Tate/Westside training, once a week. For extra “oomph” I would add in pullups. Deads and pullups. That’s just about all I needed for my back. However, I’m not using a C2 in my routine, like you.

Huck, I’ll let you know how it goes…I will be doing strength training while doing the post-workout rowing HIIT, so I figure I’ll probably be able to pull it off with good results even after a back workout (shouldn’t be TOO sore or fatigued).

Huck…did the rowing interval training for the first time this afternoon after a lat/trap based strength workout…30 mins total, 60sec sprints followed by 180sec rest. I thought it went really well, especially since it was my first time using the C2. I was able to keep the intensity high right down to the last sprint (270-290 watts for 60sec for just about every sprint). By the way, for all you rowers, is this a decent intensity for a beginner rower for interval work?