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Back to Work Nutrition Tips Please

Hi all,
I have accepted a job where I will be travelling with my bosses for the first month’s induction period, and then on the road most of the time in my car.

Never been in this position before, in my previous job I had my own office.

So for those of you who drive all day etc - what tips do you have for your food preparation etc, to ensure you eat correctly?

Thanks for any advice you can give. All I have so far is to buy an esky (not sure what you call them in the U.S.)

Grill up chicken and burgers, throw them in there and bring 'em with you.

Mixed nuts (especially walnuts) are an excellent source of fats that are very portable

I cook everything up for the week on one day. Freeze everything in separate containers then just mix and match my meals each day.

How long will you expect to be on the road daily?

Yeah just cook before and pack your food for the day in a cooler. You can’t fail at your diet if you don’t give yourself the chance.

I think I’ll be on the road most of the day once I settle in. I’ll have a fairly large area to cover, so I don’t expect to have access to a microwave.

Cold chicken, boiled eggs, walnuts, salads in a container and even cold steak is all okay.

So, just get an esky (or a cooler) and put in a few ice packs and eat cold foods through the day?

I like the idea of cooking for the week all on one day but I can’t re-heat the food in the car.

try making pre portions of stuff that doesn’t need to be heated up like almonds, shakes, rice cakes, bars (if you’re not trying to seriously lean out right now) and mix that up with the stuff that would taste better heated up. Tuna packets work well too. You just get used to the other stuff not being hot all the time and honestly it’s not that bad.

Thanks Renee and others. 3 years working from home has made life a bit easy for me I guess, and being on the road is going to be all new - a bit nervous really, but hopefully it’ll all be good.

After 3 years of daily training and eating right, I’m hoping not to undo a lot of good work.