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Been lifting for a couple of years, trying out different program. Started with Stronglifts until I stalled and trained DUP for most of my training time. Did 5/3/1 and Madcow. Mostly tried what program suited me best because of time limit and my goal to get as strong as I can be. Last program I did was Starting Strongman by Kalle. That program kept me wanting to lift more and was the best program I followed for my shoulder health (right shoulder hates bench press). So now, been out of the gym for almost 6 months. I’m ready to get back into lifting, but have no idea what to do. Been thinking of dropping the weights and start on a beginner program before going back to Starting Strongman. Any idea? My last lifts before my break was: Squat 140kg (4 reps), Front squat 100kg, Push press 80kg, Deadlift 187,5kg and Bench press 85kg (3reps).
I’m 175cm and weight 82kg.

Welcome back.

What’s your goal?

My goal is basically to get stronger in my lifts, especially squat, ohp and deadlift. Been thinking about going back to 5x5. Checked out the StrongLifts app and it told me it’s been awhile since I’ve lifted and it cut the weights by 50%.
So now I’m between doing 5x5, or Starting Strongman but with lowered weights.

If you liked Stronglifts, why not just cut the weights as it suggests?

I’ve never done either of the programs you suggest so I can’t advise you on it.