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I used to train quite alot, i'd say my fitness levels was good.
But 6 months ago I had to stop training. A combination of injury and family commitments was the cause for my halt to training.

So, I'v just rejoined the gym, I went yesterday and my fitness levels was completely poor. I was on the cross trainer for 10mins and felt really tired, then I only managed to do 10mins on the rowing machine, but i was way too unfit and felt sick. All I wanted to do was go home.

I used to be able to spend 1 and a half hours to 2 hours at the gym, doing cardio, weights, abs workout, etc... now i struggle with 20mins.

I knew a 6 months break from working out would effect my fitness levels, but i had absolutely no idea it would effect it this much.

I came home from the gym very disappointed and disheartened.
The thing that bugged me the most wasn't the fact that my fitness levels decreased, but it was the fact that my motivation and desire for training has gone.
I used to love training, it was a massive part of my life. Its very unsettling for me that my desire and motivation for training has gone.

I want to ask you guys....
-How can I get my motivation and desire back? Why do you train? What are your motivations?
-How can I get my fitness levels back? Should I train like im a beginner?
-Is it normal to have a massive reduce in fitness levels after a 6months break? Also, is it normal to lose your motivation after 6 months?
Have you ever lost your motivation? How did you get it back?

Thanks guys, this is my very first post on this website, but i have read many posts on here before and you have unknowingly helped me, you guys really know what your talking about.


That's just the first day.

I think it'll all be better by next week.