Back to Training after 6 Months - When Start Supps Again?

Long story short - ive exercised for the 1st time in 6 months after damaging 5 vertebrae - right know im doing 1-3 sessions in the gym where i do a full body workout with only the bar & swim 1-2x a week - obviously i dont need Anaconda, & even when im back lifting weights, my progression has to be smart & slow - my Q is, when im back working out & not holding back, even if my weights are pathetic compared to what i was lifting before, but my workouts are still tough (like beginning again), how long til i should start taking supps again? Im not talking protein, as i classify it as food & im not talking anaconda because i cant do it justice, but i respond pretty well to things like creatine & Alpha Male. Im guessing i should start 3 months after i start going hard again, what do you think?

i would probably just “eat” some whey and gatorade during lifting. a quality fish oil is always nice. for the most part, if you aren’t having trouble recovering before your next training session and you aren’t sluggish in the gym, food is all you need.