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Starting up new modified Sheiko routine on bench after few injuries and not so succesfull experiences with WSB and Waterbury’s TSP.

Wednesday 18th March 2008

Bench press (medium grip) 5x200, 4x200, 2x3x255, 6x3x285 (33 lifts)
Dumbbell press 5x10x65
Squat 5x5x285
Bent-over row 5x200, 5x220, 5x230, 5x255, 5x265

Saturday 21st March

Bench press 6x200, 5x230, 2x4x275, 2x3x285, 2x2x310, 2x3x285, 4x275, 6x255, 8x230, 10x200 (63 lifts)
Dumbbell press 5x10x70
Squat 5x5x255
DL 5x5x255

What modifications have you made?

I made following modifications on the programme:

  1. I decided to take some of the training sessions with medium grip width(ring finger on the mark), The plan is following:
    Weeks 1-4: 1st and 3rd training session of each week with medium grip
    Weeks 5-6: 3rd training session of each week with medium grip
    Weeks 7-13: all training sessions with ?normal? grip width (forefinger on mark)

  2. Combining of two times a day training sessions into one. This is not modification I prefer but I haven?t got enough time on my schedule to have two training sessions on same day

  3. Adding four extra weeks on the programme. The original programme has 4 weeks preparation period combined with 5 weeks competition period. I added 4 extra weeks on preparation period with following characteristics:

Week nr Lifts
Week 1 150
Week 2 127
Week 3 200
Week 4 106
Week 5 231
Week 6 125
Week 7 200
Week 8 106
Week 9 68
Week 10 92
Week 11 87
Week 12 65
Week 13 30

When I last time used the same routine I felt that I could quite easily increase the volume a little bit for the next try on Sheiko and because of that I have weeks 5 and 6 with higher volumes. Weeks 7-8 are identical with weeks 3-4 but the weight used starting week 7 is ~5% higher than for first 6 weeks (see next modification)

  1. Adding ~5% more weight starting week 7. I calculated the first six weeks of the programme with my current 1RM which is 385 lbs (Raw). My PR is 405 lbs (spring 2008 before the injuries) and I decided to calculate training weights based on 405 lbs 1RM for the last 7 weeks on the programme.

And more training sessions:

23rd March

Bench (medium grip) 5x175, 4x210, 2x3x255, 5x3x285
Bench (normal grip) 5x3x285, 5x240
Squat 5x240, 5x265, 5x285, 5x310, 5x330

24th March

Incline Bench 2x4x220, 2x4x240, 2x4x220
Dips 6x90 (extra weight), 4x6x110
Bent-over row 5x175, 2x5x265, 2x5x285
Biceps, abs etc.

27th March

Bench (medium grip) 5x175, 4x210, 2x3x255, 3x3x285, 3x2x300
Bench (normal grip) 5x4x285, 8x255
Dumbbell press 3x10x75, 2x10x70
And little bit of back (bent-over row, chinups) abs etc.

Edit: I am wondering if I should add some more weight on medium grip bench since workout seems so “easy”. But maybe I’ll wait for one or two weeks and see how my body adapts to the volume.

So, you hurt yourself doing Westside and a Waterbury workout, and decided to follow a Sheiko routine?

That doesn’t make much sense to me.

[quote]charlie sheen wrote:
So, you hurt yourself doing Westside and a Waterbury workout, and decided to follow a Sheiko routine?

That doesn’t make much sense to me. [/quote]

Actually I didn’t got injured on Waterbury training or WSB but all my results went to wrong direction. :frowning: I have noticed that my body can easily handle high volume but not so well training programs that are base on using over 90% or even over 100% (like TSP) weigths. I got injured on standard 5x5 Squat training while I was trying to learn “very wide” squat. I got my inflammation on my hip and because of the pain in the hip I had to change technique on Bench, DL, Squat and got also problems with lover back on left shoulder.

I have had best results with high volume programs like Sheiko and Smolov and at this point I felt the right thing to do is get back on the program that have worked so well before. I might be have another try with WSB at some point but not right now. TSP is too much for me and I leave to others who can handle to +100% loads better than me.

29th March

Bench 5x200, 4x230, 2x3x275, 2x310, 2x2x320, 2x3x300, 4x275, 6x230, 8x200
Bent-over row 5x245, 5x265, 5x285, 5x310, 5x330
Dumbbell press 5x10x75

31st march

Bench 5x200, 4x230, 2x3x275, 3x2x310, 2x3x290, 4x275, 6x230, 8x200
Dumbbell press 3x10x80, 2x10x75

2nd April

Bench (medium grip) 5x200, 4x230, 5x3x275
Dumbbell press 5x10x80
Squat 5x275, 5x300, 5x320, 5x340, 5x365
Bent-over row, abs etc.

4th April

Bench 8x200, 7x210, 6x230, 5x255, 4x290, 2x3x300, 2x2x320, 2x1x340, 2x2x320, 2x3x300, 4x290, 6x255, 8x230, 10x21, 12x200
Dumbbell press 5x10x80
DL 5x5x330

6th April

Bench (medium grip) 5x175, 4x220, 2x3x255, 3x3x300
Bench 3x3x320
Dumbbell press 5x10x85
Bent-over row 5x5x320
Squat 5x300, 5x320, 5x340, 5x350, 5x375

Edit: some typos (3x → 3x3x)

9th April

Bench 5x200, 4x220, 2x3x300, 6x3x320
Dumbbell press 5x10x90
Dip 6x6 (+110)

10th April

Bench 6x200, 6x220, 5x6x265
Push down 5x6x180
Squat 5x5x300
DL 5x4x350

12th April

Bench (medium grip) 5x190, 4x220, 2x3x255, 2x3x300, 3x2x310, 2x3x300
Dip 5x6
Dumbbell press 5x10
Upper back, biceps, abs

14th April

Bench 5x210, 5x245, 5x2x290, 5x4x300
DB Press 5x10

16th April

Bench (medium grip) 5x190, 4x220, 2x3x255, 6x3x300
Dips 5x6
DB Press 5x10

18th April

Bench 5x210, 4x245, 2x3x290, 8x3x320

20th April

Bench 8x210, 7x220, 6x240, 5x265, 2x4x290, 3x3x300, 3x2x320, 2x1x340, 2x2x320, 3x3x300, 4x290, 5x290, 6x265, 8x245, 10x220, 12x210

Total 109 lifts :slight_smile:

22nd April

Bench 5x210, 4x245, 2x3x290, 8x3x320
DB Press 5x10x90

Feeling little bit tired and “Sheikos’ best friend” mr. elbow pain appeared for the first time. Seems that volume is starting to kick in. :wink:

One more session tomorrow to complete the monster volume “week”. Week totals lifts 39 (18th April), 109 (20th April) 39 (22nd April). Plan for next session is 42 lifts.