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first time in here after several yrs, 61 yoa,5’7", 210. been lifting for several yrs, 2004-2009 my powerlifting yrs, gym weight 450/355/450. meet weight 450/335/445. i have been inactive for 2 1/2 yrs, trying to get going again after a few injuries.

What fed did you lift with? Where in CO are you?

hello kpsnap, lifted in the apa, apf, and tpaf in texas, then moved to pueblo.

What injuries?

hello derek542, recurring hip flexor strain, accompanied with groin pulls, apparently from too much deadlifting and squats in the same week, i went to squats every other week alternating with deads, went to a lesser work load. i have had problems with my rt shoulder, and it was from benching twice a week i presume, without a partner, you know unracking and racking on my own. but now i am starting out slow and hope to find a meet to go to in the future in colorado.

Welcome by the way, sounds like some of my nagging injuries but mine was left shoulder.

I also dropped my frequency of DL and started doing front squats, and narrow high back squats to give the hips a break.

Good luck man.


[quote]gutierrez1 wrote:
i am starting out slow and hope to find a meet to go to in the future in colorado. [/quote]

Both USAPL and NASA have a presence in the Front Range. Not sure that there’s much in Pueblo. But if you’re willing to travel to Colorado Springs or Denver, there’s game to be had.

thanks derek542, i am taking it slow with small pound increments every other week, nothing hurting so far so thats good. hoping to make a meet in the near future.

thanks peteS, glad to be on board.

thanks for the info kpsnap, as soon as i feel my numbers are good, i’ll be going to springs or denver for a meet.

Hey Colorado hope you post your WO so I can tag along. Good luck man.


Welcome aboard!!

I’m not around much lately but it’s good to see some maturity in this section. These younguns get out of hand sometimes.
In all seriousness, looks like you had some desent meet numbers. Welcome aboard.

thanks hel320, i have been away from the iron game for 2 1/2 yrs, recuperating now that i am in colorado. recently joined a local gym thats not to powerlifting friendly, so i am trying to make due with the equipment on hand. but glad to be back.