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Back to the Iron Game

Damn, it’s been a hot minute T-Nation. Most of you don’t know me, but I’m glad to be back. I am posting this because I’m turning my life around to head in the right direction and desire a sense of community in lifting. Not asking for anything but acceptance and accountability.

I’m 22 and I’ve loved everything about lifting/conditioning since I was 11. Played football, baseball, rugby, wrestled, ran track, and competed in PLing. Currently, I’m coming off a rough streak in my life where I lacked direction and developed a drug problem.

Recently, I decided to leave college for personal/economic reasons and make my own path. I’m a very intelligent person, but I’m sick and fucking tired of pretending to be something I’m not. College is not for me at this point in my life.

I’m having my knee fixed on 5/24; afterwards, I will obtain my NSCA cert to PT and get an additional labor job to rack up hours and cash. The city I live in is well-off economically, so opportunity is pretty abundant. I will be posting my rehab/training here in the meantime.

I doubt most members will read this, but thanks to those who did. Some will criticize, but fuck them. I keep what is useful and reject all else.

-5/23/12 Last Leg Day Before Meniscus Repair-

Warmup: Bike 3 min @7, stretch, bar complex
-Squats: 135x10, 225x10, 315x10
405x5x5, 315x10x5
-Speed Deads: 225x2x2, 275x2x2, 315x2x5
(superset with)
-Calf Raises: 4 platesx20x7
-CS Row: 3 platesx15x4
-GHR: 12x5
(superset with)
-Roman Chair Abs: 20x5
Cardio: Walk 10 min @3.5 w/10% incline

-5/24/12 Surgery-

Well, yesterday I got my knee fixed. Didn’t do shit after I got home except chill with my pit, Kato, and eat a shit-load of Chinese food.

-5/25/12 Physical Therapy Session 1-

Today was my first session of therapy. I felt ok going into it because I doubled my percocet dose…sorry, not sorry.
Pretty standard shit:
TKE: 20x2
Leg raises: 20x2
Iso calf stretch: 30secx2
Lying leg curl: 20x2
Heel slides: 20x2
lying hip abduction: 20x2
Adduction: 20x2
Leg Raises on stomach: 20x2
Iso abduction w/ball: 20x2

20 min electrostim/compression/ice…Really cool machine that does all of these at the same time

What’s up, dood. I’ll be following. Hope the recovery is going well so far.

Hey Mason, gl with everything. How long is the recovery/rehab phase from the knee surgery? Do you think youll ever get back into PL? I hear you were a beast.

-5/26/12 Chest/Shoulders, First day back-

Warmup: YTWLx5x2
-Bench: barx20, 135x20, 185x10, 225x10, 275x1x3, 225x10x3, 185x15x2
Superset with
-Pullups: 10x10
-Shoulder DB Superset (clean to press, arnold press, single arm press):
-Leg Raises: 20x4
-Machine Flyes: 150x12x4
Superset with
-Machine rear delts: 130x15x4

Knee Rehab

Tcam, thanks broseidon! I’m doing pretty well, I’m walking without a brace right now (2 days post-op) so I’m pretty optimistic about my recovery. They didn’t cut anything out, just stitched up the meniscus, which helps a lot. How’s it going your way?

Achilles, I appreciate it dude. I definitely will compete again, I just don’t know when. My post-rehab goals are 2xBW Bench, 3xBW squat and 3xBW pull. Kind of considering MMA once I’m able because I’ve played at least one contact sport at any given time throughout my whole life. It’s always nice to beat the shit out of somebody and get rewarded for it haha

-5/27/12 Back/Arms-
Since I wont be doing legs for a while, I have decided to break up mu upper body days so I can still train more than 2x/week. I really like back attack because it works my entire posterior, so I will be hammering those until I can do something better. Also, I will be doing a lot of supersets and circuits so I don’t get all flabby. Kinda hard to do cardio when you can barely walk.

-CS Row: 3platesx15x3, 4platesx6x3, 3platesx15
-Back Attack: 200x15x4
Superset with
-Supinated grip Pulldowns: 150x15x4
-Behind Neck Pulldowns: 150x10x4
-BB Curls: barx20, 65x15, 90x12x5
superset with
-Neutral Pushups, hands at belly-button: 10x5
-Seated Curls superset(Hammer, Reverse, Full): 30x8,8,8x4
-DB Shrugs: 70x25x4
-Face Pulls: 130x20x4
superset with
-Pushdowns: 130x25x4
-Leg Raises: 20x5
-Knee Rehab

I’m glad the recovery is going well so far. I guess your meniscus wasn’t completely fucked then. Alex doesn’t have his on either knee. lol

What the fuck is back attack?

Thanks dude, it’s just what I call the back extension machine. I like it because it’s basically a machine good morning and it sounds way cooler with a name like that lol. Yeah I’m glad they didn’t cut any out, but it’s a pain in the ass.

-6/1/12 Chest/Acc-
-Bench/DBIncline/InclineFlyes Superset
-Dips/Curls superset
-Shoulder Prehab
DB Lat/Front/Rear
-Straight Leg situps/Leg Raises
-Knee Rehab

-6/2/12 Back/Shoulders-
-Weighted Pullups
5’s, work up to heavy single
-DB Press
10x5, s/s with
-Upright Rows
-Inverted Rows
-Knee Rehab

Wrote this just to organize my thoughts before I trained today. Will edit later.

Hey Mason, good stuff, where are you lifting now? Hows the knee coming along?

-6/3/12 Arms/Acc-
-CG Bench
superset with
-BB Curls
-Seated Arms Superset: Curls/OH Tris/Hammer Curls
-Concentration Curls
20x15x3 each arm, no rest
30x10x2 each
-Abs/shoulders Superset: SL situps/SL Raises,Reverse flyes/Lat raises
15/15x3 10x20/15x3

Been kinda crazy lately! Went to the beach for a while with the woman and been looking for work. Had a good time and found 2 jobs so I’d call it a success.

First leg day was a success. No knee pain, but there was a lot of other pain since I haven’t squatted in a while lol.
-First Lower Body Since Surgery-
-Squat, no belt: 135x10x2, 225x10, 275x10, 315x10
365x3, 405x3x5, 315x10x5
-Sumo-grip Deads: 135x10, 185x10, 225x10x2, 275x6x3, 225x10
-Calf raises: 3 platesx25x4
-Abs: 25x4
-Bike: 10 Minutes@7

-6/18/12 Chest/Tris-
-Bench with 1 chain/side
135x10, 185x10, 225x5, 245x5, 275x3x5
-DB Incline/Pullups Superset
70x20/20, 80x15x2/20x2, 90x8x3/20,15x2
-JM Press w/chains
95x15, 105x12x5, 105x15(no chains)
-Machine Flyes/Reverse Flyes superset
-Bike 10min@7

-6/19/12 Back/Bis-
-Behind-neck pulldowns
-T-Bar Row (half neutral, half wide)
3platesx15x4, 3.5x15x2, 4x12x5
-Rope pullups/BB Curls/Calves superset
(Legs straight in front of me on pullups)
-Seated DB Curls/half reps/hammers superset
-Bike 10 min@7

[quote]Achilles of war wrote:
Hey Mason, good stuff, where are you lifting now? Hows the knee coming along?[/quote]

Thanks for checkin in broski, I’m just lifting at the local 24/7 gym. It’s not the best, but they have pretty much everything but specialty bars so I’ll take it. It’s coming along well; still a little stiff but no significant pain, catches, or decreased range of motion.