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Back To The Gym


Hello Guys. I'm trying to get back into the gym after almost a year of hit and miss training. Here is my first session in almost three weeks.

Speed Bench 185x3x8
4board Bench 275x6x3
Machine laterals 100x10x3
Face pulls 100x10x3
Lying triceps 75x10x3 superset with reverse curls 75x10x3ng

I hope posting my workouts will keep me going to the gym on a regular basis. My 16 yr old grandson wants to train with me but he hasn't had a lot of experience in the gym.


Nice to see you back, IronmanTRW. I used to be skidmark, btw.


welcome back! as I remember you were going thru some difficult times job wise, how are things now?


They decided not to shut us down after they found out it would be cheaper to make the fabric ourselves rather than contract it out. I've worked 7 days a week since May of last year with only a few days off. One of the reasons I haven't been in the gym very much. Also my hours have changed at work. I work straight days now after 30 years of graveyard shift.


Straight days is good (I hope), 7 days a week isn't.

hope you can get back into it regularly


I really don't mind the 7 day work weeks. It means I get to build up a cushion against what might happen down the road. With the way things have gone in the past and considering my age I don't feel to secure in my job right now. In my opinion a lot of manufacturing companies including the one I work for aren't looking at the money they can make in the future with a process they are looking at how much money they can make right now with the processes they have. I've had to deal with a lot of crap in the past two years, my hours have been cut 3 separate time, two pay cuts, no parts to repair machinery, having to recycle old parts and figure out a way to get them to work, etc. I've cussed out my manager several times. Good thing we are friends or I would have been fired already.


Sorry for the rant guys. It's been a difficult week at work and I'm hoping the gym will be a way for me to let off some steam. It has worked a few times in the past.


Saturday 10/30/10

Safety Bar Box Squat 245+ Average bands x2x10
Glute Ham Raise BWx8x3
Iso low row 360x8x3
Chins BWx8x3

I've lost about 10 lbs over the past few months and quite a bit of strength. This always happens to me when I don't lift for a few weeks. I think it may be because my natural body-weight is about 165. I'm currently sitting at about 200. The strength will come back with the weight hopefully.


You will figure it out good to see you back.


Thanks, I'm pretty sure I will. Right now I'm following a old template later on I'll make some modifications to my workouts and maybe change some of the exercises.


Monday 11/01/10

Bench 225x5x3
4board 300x3x2
Bradford press 95x8 115x8 135x8
Dips BW+2 chainsx8 +3 chainsx8 +4 chainsx8 superset with
Machine curls 90x8x3

weak weak weak. Especially bench


Welcome back Ironman. Good to see you here and putting up good numbers. I know they will be getting better soon.


Good to see you're still alive! Looking forward to your 400+ GMs again.


Thursday 11/04/10

Rack Pulls 405x5x3
Machine Squat 540x5x3
Iso Rows 360x5x3
Shrugs 495x5x3

Didn't really push myself on anything just trying to feel my way back into things.

Thanks guys. I've been trying to catch up with everyone's posts, Seems like like everyone has improved on their numbers since last year. I've got a lot of catching up to do over the next few weeks.


Saturday 11/06/10

Bench 185x3x8
4board 285x6x3
Machine Laterals 110x8x3
Close Grip 3board 225x6x3 superset with
Cable Curls 115x10x3

Close grip were done with fat Gripz on the bar. Bench was a little easier, watched Dave Tate's so you think you can bench video series and figured out some things I was doing wrong.